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  1. These are so cute! I love Valentines that don’t involve candy, but do involve fun and learning. Thanks for including my Seed Packet Valentines!

  2. Jennifer Hill says:

    Hi Kelly, I love your Valentine Math Riddles and would like to use them for my daughter’s valentines this year but I need to modify the problems for her class. I am not savvy about editing apps for PDFs; is there a way or app I can use so that I can edit some of the problems? Thank you so much. So glad to have found your website!

    1. Jennifer, I just replied via email. Thank you for the sweet words!

  3. Lee Taylor says:

    Hey, Kelly. I could not get your “sneak in some math” page to print. I tried 2 different printers and it was a no go. I even tried downloading it again. Something wrong with the file? I was going to use it tonight…bummer