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  1. frugalfamilytimes says:

    I have those same books in pink and blue and have also written about 4 things in each. It is such a lovely idea, but do I ever remember to write that stuff down? Don’t give yourself too much grief over it, maybe it’s just that you are so good at living in the moment?

    1. I like the way you think, mama! The book now officially has 5 entries (woo!) but thank you for the reminder to go easy on myself. :-) I always need to hear that.

      So cool that you have those same books! I secretly want to come up with more reasons to keep other journals so I can buy a whole slew of them.

  2. Genessa Torsy says:

    I’ve noticed I won’t sit down to write these items. I have a 19 month old. Instead, since I work on the computer all the time, I set up an email address just for baby book items and I send emails to myself there of the little things that happen. Then, I organize them regularly for inclusion in shutterfly albums of my little one!