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  1. While I appreciate the list and the great ideas, I don’t understand why this list is mother-daughter, and not parent-child?

    1. Hi Anna, my son is just a few months old, and I’m already looking ahead to when he’ll be old enough to connect with on this level. Out of this whole list, I counted only a handful of ideas that may not be the right fit for some boys. So if you have a son, go ahead and use this list too!

      But because I’m a mom and I have three older daughters I’ve been having one-on-one time with for 10 years, I wrote this as a mother-daughter date ideas list. (And as I discovered while getting this post ready to publish, nobody searches Google for “parent child date ideas”! They search for “mother daughter date ideas”, “mother son date ideas”, “father daughter date ideas”, etc. :-) )

      1. I LOVE this list! I raised 3 sons alone & did a lot of these activities with them. Now I get to do these with my granddaughter! One of our favorites was to take a train ride. Sometimes we’d go to Chicago & go eat at Chinatown or go to the Olive Street beach & Navy Pier. When funds were short, we’d go to a park within walking distance to the train station & have a picnic. It was a lot of fun to take the train to Two Toots Restaurant & get lunch too!

    2. Josephine Young says:

      It says in intro that she got it from her husband who uses with their daughter and she intends to use with her son, and it can be used by grandparents, aunts, uncle, etc.

    3. Monique Riley says:

      I absolutely love this list! I am a mom of one and I can’t wait to try these ideas with her, especially the staycation! A lot of these activities I do with her already. I can’t wait to make more memories with her! ?

    4. Remember when we learned how to read in kindergarten? If you read the “but first a disclaimer” section of this article the author clearly states that even if you are not a mom and daughter you can use the list.

    5. You must have not read the whole story prior to reading the list ?????

  2. sandy hoos says:

    hi, i would love to have a list of all your ideas but i cannot afford the ink to copy them ,thank you for your consideration.

    1. Screen shots. Think outside the box.

  3. Marcey Ochoa says:

    My daughter is only 1 year, but I hope one day to create a fairy garden together!

  4. Hello, I joined your Blog because I am a father of a 12-yr-old daughter without a mother, I know nothing about being a girl long enough about being a girl who lost their mother at age 11, she is in counseling and I am not attempting to replace her mother, but tragically she now only has a dad in her life, for the most part, my mother lives with us but she is 80 yrs old and doesn’t relate to her, I let her spend time at friends on weekends and she gets some positive female influences through their mom’s. Some of the ideas on your list I already do every week and I am looking to the list for future ideas for her and me.

    1. Hi Randy,

      I wanted to say, I’m praying for you and your daughter. I am so sorry to hear this. I was a young girl who (through divorce) lost her dad at the age of 13-years-old. He tried to maintain a relationship with me and my younger siblings, but it took many many years for me to truly forgive him and my mother (whom I lived with full-time). Losing a parent is so hard. I’m now in my mid thirties, married, with kids of my own. My parents have both been through second (and also failed) marriages and are both single again. It’s still hard for me, and I’m still in counseling myself. I don’t fully understand you and your daughter’s circumstances, but I can relate to it on my own level. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wish my dad had not walked out on us when I needed him most (in my tween/ teen years). As you understand, there is only so much one parent can offer for their child/children in the area of love and learning experiences. It sounds like you are an amazing dad and doing your very best for your daughter. I just want to encourage you to keep being the amazing parent that you are for her.

    2. Your response to this father’s comment made me so sad. You would have been much better off just offering your condolences. 75 percent of marriages end and sixty percent of marriages with children under 18 end. My parents divorced. I would never in a million years compare that to this poor girl actually losing her mother and her father now having to learn how to guide his daughter through an incredibly difficult time coupled with being a preteen. My deepest sympathies go out to this family and as a mother who has lost a young child I can say that life ending and divorce are insanely different. People really need to think before they respond to something of such a serious nature.

      1. Terri, I think you completely missed her point. Losing a parent as a child is devastating under any circumstance, despite whatever statistic it falls under and I don’t believe anyone was outweighing anyone’s grief, but rather reaching out in support and encouraging someone navigating an awful situation .

      2. Hi. I would like to say that her response was quite sincere and so sweet. The statistics of divorce do not matter. You are correct in saying that a lot of people divorce, but families that stay together are generally happier and more well. She was offering condolences and prayers, and this dad seems so hard-working and the fact that he’s taking time to work and find ideas to bond with his daughter is absolutely beautiful. I’m sorry for you and for your family with martial and parental issues. I will pray for you, too.

  5. asisthaning says:

    hi there
    i’m a working mom with a twin daughter, almost every night we spent night together in pray, and some times, i just ask them what happened that day, i think i will surprise them tomorrow in the lunch time, because my office and their school not far

  6. It would be great to have this as a shorter but printable list of all ideas a 1 or 2 pages. I can not afford the costs at library to print this whole long article.
    Can you make a printable list of all the ideas Only?

    1. Pen and paper. Take notes.

      1. Hi I am a mother of 2 used to be of three but my third little girl died sadly about 2 months ago so my other girls are so sad and all three of them used to eat at dairy queen to get blizzards and chicken strips anyways not the point I will surprise my kids at there school with there favorite fast food dairy queen because I have been getting calls at home from the principal saying they were crying or refusing to do work I don’t know if that is something because of counseling or there sister so that should be a nice little treat for them.

  7. Oops, I accidently double posted….Anyway, mother-daughter or mother-son time is very precious. When you have more than 1 or 2, it can be pretty difficult to get some 1:1 time with each child, especially with all the activities going during the school year.

  8. Thank you for sharing this awesome list :)

  9. This is a great list! So many things I haven’t thought about. And most will work for a mommy-son date too. Most will even work for a daddy-daughter or daddy-son date. I have a 4 and 7 yr old. My husband and I are going to start once a month date day with the kids. He’ll take our son, I’ll take our daughter, and the next month we’ll switch. Thanks for the ideas!

  10. Thank you for sharing this list! Love it.

  11. First of all, this is an AMAZING list. To all the critics, bad form.

  12. This is a good list of ideas!

    Our latest mom and son date happened a few weeks ago the week before Christmas. We went to the library to borrow some new children’s books, then had lunch at the cafe next to the library. Afterwards I took him on a walk down to the high street where there was a salon for a much needed hair cut. Our last order was at a local ice cream shop for a drink.

    These mom and daughter ideas sound good too. I particularly love the one about taking a class to learn a new skill. When the weather has improved, I am taking her on a picnic for two at a local park or to Epsom Common. I’ll have to check out that website in addition. The zoo sounds nice but we do not have any local zoos within driving or walking distance unfortunately. All the zoos I know of are in London.

    We do however have some museums within driving distance. I also love farmer markets. In the summer for sure, we will probably go on another road trip around England as a family. My family and I are frequent visitors at local bookstores, it is the perfect rainy day activity. I also enjoy a quick look in our local toy shop from time to time.

    One more idea I have tried in the past. When my two were babies of about six months old, I packed a bottle of water and took them to a local park for a family photo shoot.

  13. Jane Holt says:

    Thank you for the lovely list. Very much appreciated.

  14. Me and my mom loved watching a movie together!!

  15. I can’t wait for the printable. So many good ideas on your site but most are hard to print & share with my daughter for her daughter. My granddaughter likes to fish so we dig for worms and go fishing. She teaches me games they play at school – GaGaBall is the latest. Science experiments are fun, but be sure where you do them! Lava spreads quickly! Basketball, badminton, softball. Anything to get her outside & off the games. It’s summer so catching butterflies & lightning bugs.

  16. Kathleen Hopgood says:

    Great Ideas!! Thank you so much…
    I needed some new fresh ideas…so thank you!

  17. hi! i know this is quite late as of the blog being posted but i am a 17 year old trying to reconnect with my mom and alot of the time my mom is too busy or tired for me being the mother of three (im the oldest and by the time i get to her shes ready for bed or gaming)
    any tips for an anxious quiet teen trying to connect with their tired mom for mom and child dates?