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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    omigod. i will NEVER host a sleepover. or…maybe not until my kids are in their teens. i can only imagine you needed a couple days of vacation to recover from that.

    1. Lori, you hit the nail on the head! On Monday as I was driving into work, I felt like I needed another weekend to recover.

  2. Yeah … note to self: Remember Kelly Holmes’ sleepover party experience.

    1. Yes, yes, please do! I like Stephanie’s version of a “sleepover.” I will definitely just do one-girl sleepovers from here forward!

  3. OMG at that little shit who pushed you. We have had one of Ryan’s friends “sleep over,” and by that I mean they both go to sleep together while we’re watching him as his parents see a movie or something, and they pick him up late at night. That’s as close as I’ve gotten to a real sleepover. Also, please tell me you put a camera somewhere to record Tyler’s reactions to all of this.

    1. Ah, I only wish I’d set up a camera! Tyler was downstairs when he heard the baby gate come crashing down, and the look on his face when he came around the corner to look up the stairs was….priceless.

      Oh, here’s a fun tidbit – We went to a birthday party for one of Abby’s friends this weekend, and Drusilla and her parents showed up. When her mom walked in, she wouldn’t look me in the eye. So either she came across this blog post (unlikely) or lovely little Drusilla told her something of what happened that night. Ha!

  4. Annette from Oz. says:

    It’s currently 12.22am and I’m still trying to settle four hyper 7 year old girls. It doesn’t seem to matter what I say, how much I beg, or threaten with bedroom separation, they just won’t go to sleep!!
    Never again. Two of the girls were actually pretty good, just a few minor hiccups, easily solved. But this one kid – OMG! She sounds similar to your Drusilla kid. She always has a complaint and when things don’t go her way, she throws a tantrum, sits in the corner crying, screaming she wants to go home. I think she’s thrown close to 10 of these ‘episodes’ tonight. And I’m almost certain she’s the main reason the girls are still awake.

    I’m tired, I’m angry and never NEVER ever again am I having 3 extra girls. Next time, IF there’s a next time will be strictly limited to one kid ans one kid only.

    1. Annette, oh my goodness. Your comment took me right back to that night. They wouldn’t sleep! I’m definitely going with your approach next time – one kid per sleepover.

  5. that really helped me thank you so much

  6. Jess Barrington says:

    So, I’m currently planning a birthday party for my soon-to-be nine-years old daughter, and I happened across the “Ways to Avoid Whining” post – which led me to this.

    At the top of the theme list, I’ve written “sleepover.” I read this post and immediately shook my head, laughed and SCRIBBLED IT OUT so deliberately that I tore the paper.

    We have hosted sleepovers with just two friends before (both of whom would – of course – be invited to this party as well!), and somehow I’d forgotten the broken ceiling fan light globe, the flip in food preferences after it had been ordered, delivered and SERVED, and – of course – the parental encounters.

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!! We will be having an evening party instead, and only the friend coming from out-of-town will be sleeping over.


    1. Jess, well that was a close one! I’m glad this jogged your memory to sleepovers of yesteryear so you were able to change your plans. :-)

      Thank YOU for the chuckle this afternoon. I loved the image of you scribbling out “sleepover” and tearing the paper!!

  7. I had my first sleepover when I was 6. It was only me, and I was a weird 6 year old. I remember starting a conversation with my friend’s parents over the NEWS and if they were worried that there was a war in their home country, and so on. I also remember eating everything they gave me for dinner, even though I wasn’t too keen on the mango because I thought it was too sweet. We’re still best friends. It was always just two of us, until she had her ninth birthday party where there were 6 of us. We were all relatively well behaved, apart from 1 girl, who happens to be one of our best friends. She went home in the middle of the night, because she’s scared of the dark and until the age of 10 or 11, got scared at sleepovers. For my 11 birthday, she, the girl who I mentioned earlier and my other best friend came for a sleepover, and it was fine, only the one who’s scared of the dark left before we went to sleep. Since then, she’s been fine, as long as you don’t completely shut the door. I guess what I’m saying, is gradually get to the numbers- regularly, the four of us have sleepovers, sometimes with extra people there. Gradually, and you’ll get there, just pick who carefully and make sure you know if they’re scared of the dark! :D

  8. GothDuggar says:

    I know this is old, but I started looking up sleepovers on the web since tonight my 6 yo daughter is having her very first friend spend the night. Her friend is the whiner, through and through. And the one that pees herself – she peed herself last playdate, and judging by the number of outfits packed for this one overnight, this is a regular thing with her. That whiney little voice and the pouty little attitude when she doesn’t get what she wants even though we are all bending over backwards for her (to the detriment of my own girl!!!!). She doesn’t want to sleep in the bed we have for her, she wants to sleep in my daughter’s bed – my daughter wants to sleep alone, so she agreed to sleep on the trundle instead. After that was settled she started crying because she wanted the stuffed animal my daughter was planning on sleeping with. Then she wanted to go home…if the parents didn’t tell me ahead of time that they were going away for the night, she’d be in her own bed right now.

    1. Oh man! I feel for you, mama. It made me smile to see that you managed to find some small silver lining though. :-) Hope you’ve recovered from your sleepover drama!

  9. Not saying? says:

    I guess my mum is
    Lucky I’m 12! Imagine her trouble

  10. I just had a sleepover for my 7 year old. She invited 3 girls.At 11pm after winging and winning about everything…want lights no lights….home sick…i simply told the girls that i would be happy to call their parents to take them home and so i did!
    I was shocked to find out just how manipulative and annoying other people kids are!
    I guess, when you are friends with their parents you are me forgiving….

    I’m not the only one with horror sleepover stories. Our 7yo went for a sleepover to a friends house and the next day told us he had wanted to phone us BUT THE PARENTS HAD LEFT THE HOUSE and left the kids with the neighbor who we had never met and who didn’t have our phone number!! I was so angry! And the lateness OMG the lateness!! And parents asking “Can you just keep them till 5?” On Saturday… hell no, woman, your kid is a nightmare. We have had kids blatantly look at you and do exactly what you just said not to do and it makes me want to kill them. We had a kid start screaming and crying because he didn’t want to go home. For 45 minutes. He wanted “a souvenir” of the sleepover. Please tell me they grow out of this – they are 7…

  12. Currently 2:21am, not sure if the girls are asleep (last checked at 1AM and they still weren’t) but I found this to be wholly entertaining as we have had so many similar things happen with our 7 year old and her 4 friends. I never thought being outnumbered like this would be so difficult. My daughter did tell me she was going to stay up all night, so maybe they will sleep in? Here’s to hoping… Thank you for the laughs!

    1. Supporting reader says:

      You are clearly a much better person than me as my post would have been a much bigger rant! Go you, I think that the parents who turned up so late to collect their children were totally disrespectful and if that is how they respect other adults then it is clear to see that their children will grow up to demonstrate a similar lack of respect. It shouldn’t matter if your play group is small and these parents know who are talking about, it’s their job to install manners and good behaviour in their children as a spiteful child pushing an adult at 5 screams warning bells! The issue here is not your post, you hit a nerve and to those parents who have chosen to critique instead of lashing out at this lady maybe you should look at your parenting techniques, it’s YOUR job to installl manners and respect in your children, the world is full of ‘little shits’ we don’t need anymore!