4 Gifts for Christmas

How to Make Your Family Happy With Less

The 4-gift rule is a simple guideline to help you keep the holiday season focused on what really matters. With the 4-gift rule, each person gets four gifts for Christmas...

1. Something You Want 2. Something You Need 3. Something to Wear 4. Something to Read

Not just a catchy little rhyme, the 4-gift rule for Christmas promises to help keep your holiday season from devolving into a materialistic frenzy of more, more, more and helps you stick to a reasonable budget.

Do You Follow the 4 Gift Rule for Stockings?

Just like with too many gifts under the tree, an overflowing stocking can be overwhelming for kids, too. Instead of filling your kids’ stockings with small plasticky junk, consider going for quality over quantity.

How Do You Handle It If Your Kid Expects More?

If your kids are young, they probably won't notice or care.  But if your kids are older and concerned with how many gifts they get, you may want to get them on board upfront. If they're old enough to remember how many gifts they got last year, they’re old enough for a frank discussion.

What About Gifts from Siblings?

Encouraging siblings to think of others is a good thing, but giving one gift to each other should be plenty to help kids learn the art of gift giving. Still, if you have more than two kids, it can quickly add up. Have the kids draw names from a hat, Secret Santa style.

How Can You Get Grandparents and Extended Family On Board?

This is a common issue for many families, so I put together a list of all the best ideas for how to politely request no Christmas gifts or fewer gifts. Because we all know simply saying “no Christmas gifts please” won’t cut it.

How Do You Handle Santa Gifts?

Here are a few ideas: - One special "Santa" gift - Make Santa's gift an  experience for the whole  family - Say that Santa is switching to   filling stockings instead of   leaving gifts under the tree


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