A Free Printable Coupon Book

For Kids That Makes the Best Gift

One stocking stuffer has proven to be an absolute favorite for my kids – a coupon book for kids. If you don’t do stockings in your family, this gift is awesome enough to be a regular main-attraction gift too.

Here's How It Works

Pink Blob
Pink Blob

Kids don't typically get a say in which errands we run on the weekend or what we have for dinner.  Give a coupon book your child can use to cash in on fun experiences throughout the year. 

You Get to Come Along for the Ride

You may spend a whole day in your jammies, bake a dessert together, or take a mental health day off school and work. 

Get Your Coupon Book

An Extra Dose of Meaningful Connection

This not only tames the "stuff" overload but also connects you with your child all year, filling both your tanks. 

How to Make

1. Print the free printable in this post 2. Cut out the coupons you want to include 3. Punch a hole in one corner and loop a rubber band or book ring through the hole 4. Drop the coupon book in your child's stocking!

Ask for contributions to a scrapbook or recipe book for the whole family

Ask for their favorite childhood book to share with your children.

Have Ideas of Your Own?

You'll also get a blank sheet you can print to write your own coupon ideas on. 


Get your free printable coupon book here


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