Too Much Stuff?

This is the Best Way to Request No Gifts This Year

This guide covers ways to politely request no Christmas gifts this year with alternative  ideas. It also includes example responses to use with family & friends to avoid offending anyone.

A Few Important Caveats

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Relationships between immediate family and extended family can vary, so every idea in this list may not work for you.  Be prepared for this to happen: You may ask, and they may still send gifts. And remember that you can always try again next year!

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Bring Up a Memory

Tap Into the True Spirit of Giving

Ask for an experience they can share together, like they've done in the past.

Explain that you'll be donating gifts to the local children's shelter and ask for a contribution.

Blame the Budget

Go Handmade

Physical gifts can't be reciprocated this year, so you'll be sending letters to loved ones and would love some in return.

"Gifts from the heart, not a shopping cart." Ask for family & friends to join you on a handmade gift mission.

Invite Them to Help with a Special Project

Channel Your Inner Librarian

Ask for contributions to a scrapbook or recipe book for the whole family

Ask for their favorite childhood book to share with your children.

Ask for Keepsakes


Ask for family keepsakes or mementos of the past instead of store bought gifts.

Follow the four-gift rule: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read

Ready To Try These Ideas?


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