Meaningful Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

The problem with most lists of gifts for kids who have everything is they focus on outlandish gifts the child is unlikely to already own.  But if a kid really does have everything they need, an off-the-wall gift isn’t what will make them happy.

Gifts That Surprise Again and Again

The Best Books for Every Child

- A monthly subscription box  - Fun kids' magazine subscription

- A photo book of memories  - Activity/Experiment books

Gifts That Will Take You Places

- Local performing arts center show - Movie or sport events tickets - Fun classes or workshops - Go on a nature walk scavenger hunt - Plan a camping trip - Children's Museum membership

Gifts That Will Make the Whole Family Happy

- Family movie night in a box - Plan a family game night - Puzzles for the entire family - Family photography session - Volunteer as a family - Take them on a trip

Gifts That Inspire Creativity

- Garden starting tools - Craft or Art gift basket - Make a play dough gift set * Bonus points for using homemade dough that you can make together

Gifts They Can Use  Every Day

Gifts of the Most Precious Commodity

- Conversation starters in a jar - A parent-child journal

- Monthly one-on-one time spent with them.  - A coupon book of time-related gifts like staying up extra late, a day off school, etc.

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