12 Meaningful  Gifts for  New Dads

Very few lists of "new parent gifts" address what to get a new dad. Even if they do throw a bone to dads, the recommendations tend towards beer-related gear and football-themed onesies. Not exactly what a first-time dad needs as he embarks on his journey toward fatherhood.

Something to Keep Him Awake

Baby Calm-Down Kit

Coffee Subscription Box

Parenting Book/DVD

A Sturdy Carrier

A One-of-a-Kind Keepsake

Ergobaby 360

Keepsake Book or Journal

A Flexible Bag

Official Dad Uniform

Man Bag

Matching Outfits

Something to Go with His Deep Voice

A Lean, Mean Bottle Machine

Baby Board Book

Bottle Washing Station

A Way to Save Memories

Something to Feed His Mind

Digital Camera

E-Reader & Books

Permission to Stop & Reflect

A Sweet Ride

Targeted Journal



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