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  1. Jennifer Tammy says:

    Oh my goodness, beautiful. Congratulations on everything – and on living happily ever now.

  2. Lori Anderson says:

    this is so beautiful, Kelly. thank you for sharing. happily ever now is a great way to be! congratulations and hugs and some more congratulations and some more hugs!

    1. I’ll take those hugs. :) Thank you for your sweet words, Lori.

  3. What a beautiful post! Congratulations on your sweet little one. Rooting for you and your happiness now.

  4. Congratulations Kelly!!!

  5. Beautiful. How strong of you to share. Congratulations on that dancing little miracle!

    1. Monica, thank you for the kind words. It’s such a relief seeing that little dance! Now, to trust my body for the next 4 weeks before I get to see it again… :)

  6. whatkatysaid says:

    This made me cry Kelly, so beautiful. I cannot wait to hear more! xx

    1. Katy, thank you. :) I hope the ending made up for the crying!

  7. Happily Ever Now… perfect. It’s been 4 and a half years since my son Eli was stillborn at 26 weeks. Time does not heal all wounds but you do learn to live with the pain. Congrats on that new little life growing inside you. My son Isaac was born almost exactly a year after his big brother Eli was stillborn (Isaac was due on Eli’s first birthday but came a few days early). That baby will always be your baby and always be part of your life. Allow yourself to grieve however and whenever and wherever you need to.

  8. Wow, this post made me hug my little girl just a bit tighter. I admire your courage. You are so strong. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. Best of luck in your pregnancy.

  9. Congratulations, Kelly! I’m so sorry about your loss, and you are very brave to share your whole story. Thank you.

  10. Dawn Reber says:

    My story is so similar to yours it’s almost scary. There are some big differences though. I was 42 and my fiance and I had been living together and preparing for our marriage. I found out I was pregnant and I was shocked. I wasn’t in the mindset of having more kids – I was preparing to send my 2 late teenagers into the world and looking forward to spending my evenings and weekends dating my husband. Because of my age, I was considered “high risk” so I was warned about the extra testing that would be involved. I had a “dating” ultrasound to find out how many weeks pregnant I was – apparently 8 weeks. My next ultrasound was scheduled for 12 weeks and there was nothing. A pregnancy sac, but no heartbeat. Honestly and sadly, I was relieved – I didn’t want to be pregnant and I didn’t want to have more kids – I was preparing to be an empty nester, after all. I was sent to a clinic that specializes in miscarriages. I was given 3 options and I chose to have a D and C. A friend drove me to my appointment and my fiance was going to pick me up after. The clinic staff was super helpful and compassionate. As I sat on my bed, waiting for my procedure, it all hit me. I was pregnant and had experienced a miscarriage. I cried. The nurse came to check on me and I think my tears and sadness surprised her. Up until this point, I was just going for a medical procedure. I had been counseled and encouraged to go through a grieving process but I had never felt the need. Until then. When I found out that I was pregnant, my fiance and I has “argued” about the sex of the baby. He said that it was a girl, because he already had 2 girls. I said that it was a boy, just to rebel because that’s what I do. As I sat on the bed, waiting, I named my baby Mason – at the time my fiance was a stone mason. I never did find out the sex, but in my heart he was a boy and his name was Mason. I left that appointment and went home to continue on with my plan – my fiance and I could continue dating and planning for our marriage. About 6 weeks after my D and C, I found out that I was pregnant again! I guess I don’t learn easily. I still wasn’t super excited (this would through a wrench into my dating plans again) and I was still considered a high risk pregnancy. On April 24, 2015, we celebrated the 5th birthday of our beautiful daughter! God had other plans and knew that my parenting days weren’t over. As much as I wasn’t excited about being pregnant, giving birth and raising a child at my age, I am so blessed to have her in my life. She has taught me so much about myself, about what I’m capable of and about being a parent. I am a very different parent with her today, than I was 25 years ago with my other 2! Thank you for sharing your story and thank you fir inviting me to share mine!