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  1. Christine Bacas Tutor says:

    Oh, this is a good list! I admit, I ended up making up the stories eventually. I know, I’m horrible. :-( When Apa started lagging behind in reading in 1st Grade, I made her read “The Giving Tree” every day for weeks. She ended up memorizing the book, but now she’s doing pretty well with reading. LOL!

    1. Chris, making up stories is AWESOME. Not horrible at all, mama! Abby loves it when I do that, even though the stories suck, haha. What a beautiful book to use with Apa to work on her reading. Love that book!

  2. Brenna Byrd says:

    Awesome! I hate most of the books we find at the store. We really like The Little Fur Family. It’s kind of poetic. :)

    1. Brenna, I know I’ve seen that one but I don’t think I’ve read it! Thank you for the rec. :-)

  3. I love all of Karma Wilson’s books, my favorite is “Never Ever Shout in a Zoo” but I adore all of the Bear books almost as much! I also love “Good Night Lulu” and “Click Clack moo”

    1. Amy, I loooooove Click Clack Moo! Thanks for the other recommendations – I will definitely check those out. :-)

  4. Christine says:

    Love this list. We are also very fond of “On the Night You Were Born”. Excellent lyrical book using natural phenomena to highlight how unique and precious every baby is.

  5. Eva Cartagena says:

    We love Sandra Boynton’s books. My favorites are “The going to bed book”, “Happy hippo, angry duck”, and “Moo, baa, lalala!”.

  6. What a great list! Well, except for 100 words. That is my gouge-my-eyeballs-out book. But the others are winners. We also love the Llama Llama Red Pajama books and the That’s Not My… series. ?

  7. I could not agree more! I’ve added I Am A Bunny and The Big Red Barn to the Delightful Baby Book List.

  8. I’m really glad you included “Everywhere Babies”! We were gifted this and I was so skeptical at first. But at 2 years old, it’s the one book my son has liked consistently from birth! “Goodnight Gorilla”, has also been a staple since he got it at year old, so good call on that one too! Those are definitely good choices for anyone having a baby or anyone looking for baby shower gifts!

  9. Linda McNickles says:

    Most favorite book is Jamberry. Rhythmic and opportunities to use voice to expand text. As a series, Sandra Boynton’ books.