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  1. Ainsley Morin says:

    One of our favorites has been Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. Repetitive, a great way to learn colors, and funny! My kids giggle and giggle after every “Oops!”. We also love the Usborne That’s Not My series.

  2. Hey is there this same list for 4 and 5 year olds? Thank you! Great article

  3. The wild bunch is awesome and both my kids have loved it since 3 years old. Son still enjoys it at 5.

  4. We love all the Jon Klassen books, but especially what we’ve dubbed The Hat Trilogy (This is Not My Hat, I Want My Hat Back, and We Found a Hat).

  5. Katy Givler says:

    I would also include books that are also songs. They are easy to ready or sing for adults and the familiar song helps little ones connect to the book. Songs support language development as they naturally slow down language and allow children to hear all the parts of the speech. That along with the repetition make them favorite books for toddlers. There are so many books of songs out there so just look for a favorite song like Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baby Beluga, Itsy Bitsy Spider etc…

  6. I am a mother of two and a grandma of four. My youngest grand is now 8 yrs old. All of them are avid readers. One of my favorites from your list is “I am a Bunny.” We received it as a baby shower gift and read to my oldest when she was a month old. I have given copies as a baby gift many times over the years. Another favorite is “Goodnight Gorilla.” It has so many levels of learning! The color matching keys and locks, the balloon as it floats further away. I think there is a little mouse to look for on each page – it has been a few years now since we read it, but it can grow with them past the toddler stage.

    1. We have that book and I never noticed the keys or balloon haha! Excellent.