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  1. Playdough and stickers. For my nearly2 year old they were great! Plus someone else cleaned up the mess. I r

    1. Leiah, haha yes! I love it. I hate cleaning playdough off the carpet at home!

      Bailey is still putting everything in her house, which I’m hoping will end soon. So it’s good to hear from you by two it should be calming down. :-)

  2. This is the first time I’ve come across a baby that sounds similar to my little girl. Like your Bailey my Matilda never sits still for more than 2 mins. Matilda is almost 14-months and we’re about to go on our first plane ride. Your tips were very helpful and more importantly realistic. I’m hoping since our flight is an early morning flight Matilda will sleep through the trip…fingers crossed :)

    1. Melissa, I am crossing my fingers for you too! My first girl Abby was so calm and subdued – slept pretty much every flight – so Bailey has thrown me for a loop.

      Just think of the whirlwind of energy we’d get if we put Matilda and Bailey together in the same room, haha.

      Good luck on your trip! I’d love to hear how it goes. :-)

  3. Dang, our kids are similar. I’m flying “ALONE” tomorrow with my 3 yr old with SPD and my 14 month old that is currently cutting a molar. I love the desperation of the list. I’m sure it will help me with at least a few extra moments of peace. ;)

    1. Julie, I hope your trip went well! I’ve never flown alone with both girls, props to you for that, mama. :-) Hopefully the list gave you a little inspiration in case your situation got desperate in the air!

  4. Hi! I will be taking a long flight for the first time with my daughter, and am really scared and worried. She is 14 months old and super active. Gets bored very easily. The first flight is for 4.5 hrs, and then there is a 1.5 hrs break and then a 14 hrs flight to Seattle. I am clueless as to how I will manage her. Your tips looked easy and doable. Hoping for the best!

  5. Best. Blog. Ever! I’m actually looking forward to taking my 11 month old on his first flight now! Well, more optimistic anyway…… :D

  6. This was honestly hysterical and made me feel so much better about flying with my little one! Last flight I felt like I literally was counting the MINUTES something would entertain her. Like… OK 3.5 minutes down with this water bottle… 78 minutes to go….

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I needed to read this today.
    Some summer plans were just finalized that have me flying with a ten and a half month old baby later this month, then a pretty much one year old in August. She was an early crawler, she’s pulling herself up on everything and trying to walk and staying still is her least favourite thing.
    I’m nervous. The last time I flew with her, she was only a couple of months old and she was happy to cuddle and sleep.

  8. Stamatina Hapsis says:

    Post it’s
    Plastic cups for stacking
    Window clings stickers
    Two books (peel a boo book) and something else
    Crayons to use on post it’s
    Old Remote control