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  1. Katie @ Happily Ever Mom says:

    I LOVE this idea, Kelly – so great! Thanks :)

  2. Love this!! I’m going to add in a few specifics for our area, but I will use most of yours! Thanks!

  3. These are wonderful! Can’t wait to use these this year. Is there any chance you have blank chalkboard templates with the font that you used?

  4. Thank you for these wonderful Advent Calendar cards. All the other ones I came across were a lot of work and buying things or going places. Yours are so simple and perfect. My kids will love all of these!!

  5. Sean Blaney says:

    Oh man that toilet paper roll advent calendar is so cool… it reminds me of that game from The Price is Right where they have to punch the paper circle things and pull out the cards.

  6. Cant wait to use it. The font is great, could you advise me what is the name of the font used, because I would like to design it the same but in my own language, so my son could read it :) thanks a lot

    1. Hi Zuzan! All the fonts are listed and linked under “Credits” at the very end of the post before the comments section. :-) Hope that helps!