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  1. Great practical ideas. The mental lists are the best :))
    While I was “doing my time” under a sleeping/nursing baby I managed to finish reading everything that Jane Austen ever wrote. When that was done, I moved on the Anne of Green Gables series. At the end the 10th book I had a very hard time parting with Anne.
    For the next one, I’ll make sure to practice my ninja skills in advance.

  2. Do the food shop on an app on your phone! Sainsburys grocery app is mega easy for this!

    …or create a Pinterest board of new recipes to try.

  3. this is what grandmas and great grandmas are for!!! I have been told off by my son for holding the grandson when he sleeps – DONT TRY TO STOP ME – it enriches me too – live forever hold a baby!

  4. Tabitha Hidalgo says:

    When my babies don’t sleep on me and I have other kids to take care of, I will take my shirt as they sleeping and lay them down on my shirt, it’s warm and it smells like mom. Hasn’t failed me yet.

    1. Tabitha Hidalgo says:

      * take my shirt off* lol

  5. I play Zeta. Earn yourself a Kitchenaid mixer by answering a few questions of interest to you. Their prizes range from vehicles to children’s toys. It’s a fun app that’s free with no permissions and can also be played at on your laptop. Enjoy!

  6. You have a great sense on humour :)

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog. Our baby is similar in which she will primarily sleep when held or cradled. I just want to make sure-is this still safe? She is on her back.

  8. I never thought to do exercises while my baby sleeps on me. For the first month this was really the only way he would sleep, I got used to doing things on my phone for a good hour or so since I was stuck. These are great tips!

  9. Um, I think the biggest piece of advice people searching on “baby will only sleep when on me” is how to get sleep themselves! We are sleep deprived and have no interest in reading a book or watching a movie. I want to know how to get the baby to sleep in a bassinet or crib so that I can actually sleep and therefore be a functioning human being!

  10. I LOVE this. This describes my life right now to a tee! I almost woke the baby with my silent belly laughs. Thank you

  11. Nicola Williams says:

    So how did people get through this time? I’m still trying to help my 7 week old sleep in bed particularly during day. But then i’m unsure biologically if she’s ready for this? Sleeping on me is definitely becoming a routine
    and I feel guilty …

  12. Fitivlife Mommy says:

    My baby is 4 weeks old. She is sleeping on me as I type. If I put her down she will wake up, almost immediately, screaming. Good to know other mothers are going through the same thing.

    I play games on my phone, read articles, pay bills, watch movies and yes sleep while baby girl is sleeping on me.

    Thank you for sharing this blog.

  13. Wait you guys are able to do things when stuck under a sleeping baby? I have to cradle mine with one arm to keep from trying to escape. Then I have to slowly roll off of me and then barely move my arm up until I’m free. It’s taken me up to 2 hours to get her asleep lately. She’s 8 months. Fits in 24 month oldoutfits. Idk what to do. She won’t eat solids either unless it’s my apple or a grape