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  1. Love this idea! Do you give any instructions to the child about how often they can redeem coupons? I can imagine mine trying to do it all in one day.

  2. Kelly, I cannot thank you enough for this coupon book. We put it in our kids’ stockings this year, and it has been a massive hit. Both of them stopped everything when they pulled it out, and read through each of the coupons, exclaiming happily and asking clarifying questions. My 12-year-old daughter is keeping hers close to her chest for now – I know she’ll pull them out at very strategic times – but my 9-year-old son has already used four of his. In fact, he cashed in a mother-son mental health day coupon yesterday (first day back to school after the break – ha ha), and we had the most incredible day together, full of life, love and connection. I had already booked the day off, and was planning to finish a jigsaw puzzle, pack away Christmas stuff, have a yoga practice, and read my book. I ended up doing all of those things, but with a buddy. AND, he walked the dog with me and dragged me out to the neighbourhood park to play one-on-one hockey with him. I admit I had no desire to do that when he brought it up, but it ended up being the highlight of our day. He taught me various shots, we scrimmaged and tripped each other up trying to steal the puck from one another, we teased each other and laughed until our sides hurt, and we came home two hours later with rosy cheeks and in need of hot chocolate. The glow stayed with us throughout the afternoon and evening, and bedtime hugs last night were extra long and plentiful. I could not be happier about how thrilled my children were to receive this gift and about the benefits we are continuing to derive from it. Thank you, thank you!