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  1. My husband gets 10 days of paid paternity leave (not including weekends). So he gets about 2 weeks paid after the birth and it’s completely separate from his vacation time. Interestingly enough, the military does not really offer sick time. If he is sick, he needs to go to medical so they can verify his “sickness” and then he can return home for a sick day. So it’s very, very rare that he takes sick time. He had shoulder surgery a few years back and was authorized medial leave based on a doctor’s recommendation. So obviously there is sick time…it’s just not quantified, but rather goes on a case-by-case basis. Anyway back to the paternity leave…he will take it again this time around, but I can only assume he will work from home for a few hours per day. He is currently the boss, so I believe he will need to check email and take a few phone calls each day. But if it’s one thing my husband is amazing at it’s work-life balance. I’m so appreciative of that.

  2. Charlotte Fleming says:

    2 days. I was in labor all day and gave birth at night, and THEN spent a day and 1/2 in the hospital, so basically my husband was expected back BEFORE I even checked out of the hospital. They generously allowed him to take a few days sick leave. Total he had a week and a half off, and 2 days he had to work from home. And his employer wins awards for being “best place in the city/state to work” on an annual basis.

  3. First Time Mom-to-Be says:

    My husband doesn’t even get sick days through his employer, so he will have to take vacation time to stay at home after our baby is born. He is also in sales, which means that most of his salary comes from commission (i.e. no work, less pay). And, I don’t get paid maternity leave (I’m just protected under FMLA), so if he doesn’t go back to work quickly, we will likely struggle with our bills (we are trying to save up for all of this now). All of this equals out to a great, stress-free environment in which to bring home a brand new human (enter: sarcasm).