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  1. As a Christian I use Sundays as a day of rest. In grades 11-half of my BA (haven’t finished yet…someday I hope to) I did no homework on Sunday! It is the best choice I ever made. Now I do nothing that I would call unnecessary work, I try not to shop or go out to eat. If someone invites me out I go graciously. I do spend a lot of time on the computer but a lot of it is chatting (in messenger or in a chat room) with friends. I love my quiet Sundays where nothing HAS to be done that isn’t absolutely necessary.

    If I go away I try to only text, no internet at all, this doesn’t happen often but in 2013 I was away for 16 days and accidentally tried to go on the internet once (funny I couldn’t get on) but other then that no internet at all. I did have my e-reader with me so I could read without having to carry copious books. If I go to camp no puter and phone only for emergencies. I love those times. They are truly a blessing.