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  1. I really resonate with this struggle to be present. To stop and smile at the dimples. Thanks for the reminders to be mindful and not stay in autopilot mode. Even in moments of chaos, we have so much to be thankful for.

  2. This is one of my very favorite posts of yours! Not only does it explain the reasonings behind the feelings I have regularly, but it is so great to have clear, concise, scientific advice for how to start conquering the regret. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Vicki Lashbrook says:

    Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share this……I can rephrase and use this with my 11 year son who is a real worrier and negative thinker.

    I don’t think you realise the impact your help has on me and I thank you again from the bottom of my still beating heart!

  4. I’m a depressive realist, so knowing that this impoverished life will end someday is my comforting mindfulness.

  5. Thank you I really enjoyed this read, as a mother of 2 in college ad 2 still at home I find myself taking in those special moments that perhaps I flew by with my older two. I enjoyed your post and look forward to more.

  6. Not just for moms! I’m a dad and recovering addict that’s had to learn a lot about my brain’s faulty wiring. This rings true for everyone that gets caught speeding up and consumed by “doing” when they’re stressed, instead of slowing down, and “being”.

  7. Kristina Daugherty says:

    thank you so much for this! All of us moms need some guidance on how to enjoy it more! labeling emotions (and moving on) is a big great reminder! thank you!

  8. Himali Parikh says:

    I feel exactly the same myself. The start of the day and boom goes the worklist that we have to do and feel that I have given so little time to my daughter. Your thoughts in the blog voice my emotions.

  9. Mindfulness doesn’t work for overstressed brains.
    Taking care of young babies or children feels as if you are going through emotional and mental harassment that lasts for many years. I am being extremely honest right now. Not everyone wants to admit this.
    I am physically and mentally healthy as well as my children. I love my children and I always wanted to be a parent, but I never knew how depressing it really is, in the long run.
    The main reason for this is chronic sleep deprivation.
    One day you realise that you haven’t slept normally for 8 years and you don’t need any other problem to make you feel like your soul is dying.
    To add to a total loss of personal freedom is: work + house work + school homework every day.