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  1. I am completely fascinated by this. Getting a room in a hotel locally is practically like a vacation to us anyway. I’d be interested to hear what you had to work on to get the house ready before you started.

    1. Skye, we’re the same way…we love our little staycations!

      For house projects, we just fixed a couple egregious things like a railing on an upstairs balcony that was iffy. (Didn’t want a guest to plummet to their death because that would suck.) We also painted a few rooms because our house had plain, white walls EVERYwhere. And then we bought a separate set of towels for guests (white) so we didn’t have to worry about our main towels getting stained. When we get back, we just throw the guest towels in the wash with a splash of lemon juice for bleaching, and we’re good to go for next time.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. frugalfamilytimes says:

    You’re a super genius, Kelly! I’m not sure it would work for us – we live in a dull little city without any tourist demand – but maybe! What do you do with your cats?

    1. Robin, you may be surprised! People travel to visit family who doesn’t have room for everyone, people travel for business, etc. You can hop over to Airbnb and do a quick search in your area to see if there are other listings. If you see listings with reviews, that means there is demand!

      We bring all the cats with us. Yep, that’s 2 adults + 2 kids + 3 cats in one hotel room. It’s cozy. But we have fun with it!

      1. Wow, you really have some fabulous tips here Kelly. I’m busy with lesson 4 of your course and stumbled upon this. I was also wondering about the cats, so nice to see they’re part of the family. :)

  3. Great stuff, Kelly. Sally and I have been talking about doing this, especially during busy times like Formula 1 and SXSW, and this is extra helpful. We figured we’d rent our place out and then spend a couple of days at the coast or San Antonio or wherever.

    1. Craig, you totally should! I just added a new FAQ at the end that you reminded me of. Some cities (like Austin) have some short-term rental regulations. In the case of Austin, you need to get on file with them and pay an annual fee. And then you’ll need to collect taxes on your rental and pay those to the city and state quarterly. Kind of a pain, but it’s paying off for us in the form of HARRY POTTER!

  4. I’m curious what you do about your food in your house–Do you leave all of your food in the fridge, freezer, pantry, etc? It seems silly, but I’d worry that they’d eat our food and I’d have to spend our profit on restocking it.

  5. What about all the things in your closets, like clothes and shoes? do you take all that with you to make room for their stuff?

    1. Beth Genereux says:

      I am sure there would be people interested in renting out an apartment. Still more homey than a hotel.

  6. I don’t think this is weird on any level, and I wouldn’t hesitate to try this! Right now it isn’t an option for us being in Japan and living on a military base. I think this is an incredibly smart and savvy way to save money for something extra special! I wouldn’t love being in a hotel with my toddler, but I am assuming once he gets older this would be a snap.


  7. Angela Cruz says:

    this is just about brilliant– and I would totally do it when i go out of town anyway– BUT I have two dogs (one a brand-new rescue) that I usually leave in my air-conditioned house when I’m gone. The neighbors walk them for me. If I find a solution for that, then I may try it!

    1. Hi Angela! We’ve also had foster dogs off and on while renting our home, and we just bring them to the hotel with us. :-) Some hotels allow pets, like Staybridge Suites. Hope that helps!

  8. Love this post Kelly. I am constantly thinking up schemes like this. Not that any have actually come to fruition. (We have done a couple of house swaps but have twice been unlucky with beautiful houses that both had fleas. Not great.) My big question for you is…When are you planning on coming to Spain?? ;)

  9. So interesting! I have been thinking about this for a while now, as we live in a tourist town.

    I am curious as well – what do you do with food in fridge and cupboards and clothes in bureaus and closets? Those are the 2 main factors that have stopped me so far.

  10. I’m really interested to know how you manage this with your pets? Thanks!

    1. Hi Meghan! We just bring our pets to the hotel with us. :-) Some hotels allow pets, like Staybridge Suites. Hope that helps!

  11. I would love to see what your airbnb post looks like and how you set things up and worded everything. Could you give us the link to view yours?

  12. I tried to figure out how you were offering enough points for 2 free round-trip flights. It would be good to mention, it’s really $400 towards flights. Searching many days, I never found tickets under $400 for 2. We were planning a trip to Nashville, so this sounded perfect. Am I missing a member discount or anything?

  13. This may seem like a silly question, but what about tools? We have a lot of wood working tools/workshop in our garage that we wouldn’t be able to lock in a closet. Any suggestions for keeping those safe? Also, do you recommend the “locked closet” be a closet other than the master closet? Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it!!!