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  1. Happy Day says:

    I sometimes go blank trying to think of more songs to sing, so thank you for putting this list together. My little screamer particularly seems to calm down for: You are my Sunshine as sung by Johnny Cash, Little Surfer by the Beach Boys (used at bath time), and pretty much anything sung by Bob Marley or Willie Nelson.

    1. Bailey loves that rendition of You Are My Sunshine, too! Thanks for the recommendations. :-)

    2. Dan Greeley says:

      “All of me” John Legend/Lindsey Sterling version.

  2. My 4 month old daughter LOVES Road agent’s Lamet by Growling Old Men. I came across it on a pandora station and she immediately relaxed.

    1. Clair, I haven’t heard that song before. Heading to check it out right now!

  3. Jenifer Voydanoff says:

    For 8 months, I sang Silent Night for every sleep time.

    1. Jenifer, were you sick of it after 8 months? :-) These are the songs we play for Bailey to calm her down, but the one go-to song I sing myself is “Hush Little Baby.” Sometimes I’m tempted to invent a few more verses just to keep it fresh for me!

      1. Jenifer Voydanoff says:

        I love Christmas, movies, music, everything! Once left the tree up for a whole year. But singing all three versus several times a day several times in a row did grate on my nerves. :)

        1. Haha! I feel the same way about Christmas. We’re seriously considering putting up Christmas lights October 1 this year. :-)

          But goodness, I can see how you would get sick of that song every day for 8 months!

  4. Becca Grove-Foster says:

    soul music!

  5. My seven month old seems to prefer “All About the Bass” by Megan Trainor. Can’t decide if it’s the pretty blonde girl in the vid or the boppy beat that has him so bewitched but whatever it is, I’m just happy it works! If Miss Trainor isn’t cutting it, we pull out the big guns and put on “What Does the Fox Say”….and then my eardrums bleed and I have to rock in a corner after 2 or 3 times on repeat. But, whatever works, right?!

  6. KoolBeanz says:

    Hi! I am a preschool teacher in the infant room. While every group of babies is different, I have found that The Beatles & Elvis are crowd pleasers. I am always looking for new music to use in the classroom for various situations. I’m going to try Owl City on my next class and see if they like that. Thanks for this list!

  7. My little had a BRUTAL case of Cholic! Only slept for 45 minutes at a time for the first 11 months! I was watching the episode of Glee where they sing “all the single ladies” I started dancing to it and A FELL ASLEEP!!! SHOCKED! Worked like a charm every time!

  8. Omg my daughter is 4 months, extremely fussy. Like I cant put her down period. I put on alison krauss she loved it! never seen her sit so still! lol, Thank You!

  9. Bohemian Rhapsody – from week one. Even worked for the ultimate test: baby’s first plane ride. People must have thought I was insane :)

    1. chelseamae says:

      That is so funny! My son would never kick for his dad when I was pregnant and he thought he was funny singing Bohemian Rhapsody to him but it made him start kicking! He still loves the song at 2 years old!

  10. My daughter has loved Pink’s “F*ckin Perfect”. We only listen to the one without cursing but she loves it and has every since she was born. She also likes pretty much anything by Pitbull but unfortunately his lyrics aren’t really kid friendly…

  11. Grain Wetski says:

    My one year old will calm down within the first 4 beats of Sam Smith’s, ‘Not the Only One.’ I discovered it by accident when I first started feeding him solids and he was refusing to eat breakfast. As soon as that song starts he stops fussing (sometimes screaming), smiles, and will eat no problem. It’s been 6 months and it still works. Unfortunately I find the song very depressing! Albeit catchy. Oh well, could be worse!

    1. Jamie Rose says:

      My one year old loves Sam Smith’s acoustic version of ‘Latch’ and has since he was a few weeks old. It works every time to calm him down!

  12. Sara Hudson says:

    My 8 week old son loves Pitbull, much to my dismay. He will also tolerate Michael Jackson and Destiny’s Child, but hates the Beatles. His all-time favorite is Daft Punk- a Daft Punk dance party will have him calm in minutes.

  13. Beccaboo1114 says:

    My daughter is 5 months ans calms down for Bob Marley, The Clash, The Beatles, old punk rock music and my favorite….heavy screaming metal music. My brother is in a band and has a cd out and she fell right asleep listening to it. When we visited my families house he was doing a cover recording in his room and she slept right through it in the next room!!

  14. Jj heller’s lullaby album is amazing!

  15. For parents of little girls, the song “In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride is great. The message is wonderful, and the tune is beautiful and calming. I’ve used this as a bedtime song and to remind my daughter how much I love her.

    1. Sherri Castle says:

      My 8 month old baby Lucy loves The River Knows Your Name by John Hiatt

  16. Eri Kucinski says:

    My son instantly calms down with Rainbow Connection sung by Kermit. It’s the weirdest thing. He also loves bob Marley instrumental music

  17. Dolly Patton’s ‘I’ll Always Love You” works for our 18 month old grandson .He loves her! When he gets tired, he heads for me and cries “Papa( my husband is my phone’s lock screen photo). He knows Dolly is in my phone. He touches the phone every few minutes to see her picture ( and smiles ear to ear )and hits the back button when she finishes.

  18. My lo loves country and heavy metal lol but the only one that works every time without fail is Reba McEntires consider me gone. Shes his favorite anyway but that one sing will calm him down in seconds. Currently listening to it on repeat to get him asleep for nap lol

  19. Diana Rice says:

    He loves it when I sing “Carry on my wayward son” by Kansas. By the time I get to “don’t you cry no more” he’s smiling again.

  20. Thanks for sharing this post. I will use these strategies to calm my baby

  21. Elizabeth Goddard says:

    Our first child always settled down for “God Save the Queen”.

  22. My 4 mth granddaughter was inconsolable when I was there last. I had a few song clips on my watch so I gave that a try. She stopped and got real still when I played “My Baby” by Janis Joplin. ?