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  1. I LOVE this post! It’s so refreshing to hear a relaxed approach to potty training which is a really stressful time for both parents and toddlers. (I read that the American Association of Pediatrics says more child abuse happens when children are being potty trained and it’s easy to understand why that happens.)

  2. Thank you!!! I really like this approach, it seems quite stress-free and, frankly, more spontaneous and natural than the one-two-three days power-strugle. Also, my mom is already harrassing me with “he is STILL wearing diapers?!?! I had you potty-trained when you were 10 months old!!!” SO, I have a question for you :)
    Your approach is based mostly on talking and explaining, and while I’m sure my 13-months-old boy is smart, I don’t think he’ll really understand all of that. Do you have an idea on how could I adapt this to his age? Or should I just talk and hope and see if he understands?:)
    Thank you in advance for your reply! I will keep following your blog, I really like it! :)

  3. I love this post as I am currently in the process of potty training my 2 year old and facing the added pressure of my mother and mother in law “asking” him when he’s going to stop wearing diapers.. At first I tried the 3 day method and I realized after 2 hours in that this was stressing me out and I’m sure he felt that as well. I gave up for a while, but with 2 other kids, one being a 4 month old, it’s not helping our budget at all.
    We followed this technique with my oldest (now 7) and it took what felt like forever, then I told him one day that this was our last pullup and i wasn’t buying anymore so we needed him to be a big boy and go to the potty. He was about 3 when we finally got out of pullups and with the exception of a few night time accidents, it worked great.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sounds similar to how we potty trained although we didn’t do any exciting potty parties, though that does sound fun. We definitely did the long drawn out process. Part of our routine was to sit on the toilet each night before bath time regardless of whether my second peed in it or not (we too preferred the little seat on the big toilet, though we also had a little potty that became more interesting AFTER he was fully potty trained on the regular toilet). He actually started peeing in the toilet on a semi regular basis when he was only 18 months old but only before he got in the bath, sometimes if I decided to just have him try randomly as well but never of his own accord so I knew he may be capable of going but not fully ready to be out of diapers.
    With both of my kids the hurdle wasn’t the pee in the potty, by 2 my daughter was great at that, full control during the day. But poo was an issue and we scrapped the underwear idea and six months later she announced she needed to go and that was the end of daytime diapers.
    With my son, my mom was trying to hurry the process because she saw the ability to pee on the potty as a sign that he could have been out of diapers over a year before he was. so every once in a while I would try diaper free. This always ended in an accident. He wasn’t bothered by poo in his underwear, and certainly not on the floor. But if he had on cuffed pants with no underwear he was really bothered! That was the final step- I tried a few days in a row as he was nearly three and did seem to be getting close, after each accident I would tell him it needs to go in the potty. And the day I thought I should just let it go and put him in diapers again (without any guilt, I never made it a “baby” thing so he didn’t seem to mind) he had one more accident and I said “you need to tell me BEFORE you go so we can get to the potty in time” it just clicked and that was that.
    Just like everything in parenting, at least in my kids case, it’s just little bits here and there rather than a full force all at once approach that seems to work best and be the easiest solution!

  5. This is very similar to what we ended up doing!! We did the “potty train in a weekend” thing with our first and (of course, as us first time moms are prone to do), I was stressed and confused and felt like a failure. Once I took a chill pill, it was all so much easier. We had 4 kids in 5 years and have been potty training the 3rd for the last 6 months…. the “however long it takes” approach has definitely worked better for us :) And each kid has responded differently. Hoping kid #4 is potty trained by, say, age 5. Although I’m guessing the bigger siblings will provide a lot of encouragement for the last one… I told them I’ll think about a dog when all 4 kids are potty trained. HA! #becausewhynot