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  1. Jonathan Herring says:

    My only complaint is that some of the provided links lead to areas of the website that are void of any content. :-

    1. Jonathan, can you explain a bit more what you mean by “void of any content”? I thought you might have run into a broken link, but I just tested all links to other posts of mine from this post, and they all worked. Or are you saying you were expecting something more from some post in particular?

      1. Jonathan Herring says:

        I mean to say that the links lead to the title of the article, in this case ’65 of the Best Unknown Love Songs’, and advertisements, but nothing more. I was running into the issue through my phone’s web browser, Safari, and through Microsoft Edge on my desktop.
        It could be that the web browsers are incompatible though.

        1. Aha! I see the issue now. Thank you for letting me know! Everything should be in working order now. :-)

  2. Can anybody explain to me how to copy songs/files from YouTube onto a disk or flash-drive? I’ve had health issues and not able yo do this, then came the 21st century, and I am lost. If any of you want some cute songs here’s some. Go to YouTube and look up “The Chewing Gum Song,” listen and enjoy. In the same page, you will find some other old-skewl favorites, like, “Yellow polkadot bikini,” “Hello Mother, Hello Father (might be mudder and fadder),” My boomerang won’t come back,” and a slew of others. Enjoy and stay healthy! DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS ! Yee-Haa!

  3. Yes but how do you know the recipient will listen to the files in the correct order ?

    1. Make a .m3u file – basically a text file that has each song’s file reference in order. That’s what the other person would use to import the songs in the correct order to whatever their music player is. Google ‘create a m3u playlist file’ or something like that to find some step-by-step directions.

  4. Thanks for this post, I had been wondering how to make a mixtape for my sweetie in this digital age and, this really helped me with ideas!

  5. When the recipient uses the USB, will they need iTunes, or can it just play from the files on the USB?

    1. Hi Sarah! They can download the files to their device and play the files directly without needing iTunes :-)

  6. But how do you ensure that a bunch of file on a memory stick play in the correct order?

  7. Hey! the iTunes terms and conditions do allow you to burn an audio playlist up to seven times for personal, non-commercial use.

  8. Paula Del says:

    Is there any way to transfer the songs from the stick on to an actual disc?
    Thank you!