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  1. Stephanie says:

    Kelly this is a FANTASTIC list–thanks so much! One of my favorites is “You and Me” by Frances England…it fits your list perfectly and all three of my kids still love it after several years! “Yesterday you were asleep in my arms; today you’re growing off the charts. I’m so proud of you.” So sweet–plus wonderful imagery of happy parent/child moments like riding bikes, reading books together, and practicing donkey kicks! Betcha you’ll love it! :)

  2. I’ll be there by Walk off the earth. My kids are getting older (13 and 10) and the chorus talks about how if you need a ride after drinking too much I’ll come get you. So not appropriate for all ages, but it has certainly sparked some interesting conversations in our house!

    1. My first thought was 500 Miles by The Proclaimers but there is one line about being drunk. I never noticed it was there until checking the lyrics based on this post.

  3. Guy Sebastian – Big Bad World

  4. This is wonderful! Thank you!

  5. Thank you, this is a lovely list.

  6. This was exactly what I needed for this weekend! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  7. Sharon Mills says:

    Thank u so much for doing this what an awesome idea. This will create memories forever.

  8. Do you have this on a Spotify playlist which I can access? Not skilled with tech or music, but thought would b fun for our upcoming road trip

    1. Star Stivitts says:

      My thoughts exactly!!!!….?

  9. Loved. The list … surely will be listening and re listening with the kids

  10. I’ve been singing My Girl to, my girl. I think it’s by the Commodores… I wasn’t paying attention and it was playing in the store and my daughter realized what the song was and she lit up.

  11. Why can’t I get your Playlist to open in Spotify? When I search it doesn’t come up either…I’m a little tech challenged these days, so I’m sure it’s a me problem, but am I missing something??

  12. The One and Only You by The Juicebox Jukebox. ??? THANK YOU! These are truly lovely!!! You’re the beat for sharing exactly what my family needs when we need it. ?

  13. “The One Who Knows” by Dar Williams
    It’s a beautiful lullaby about a parent’s love, and letting the child soar. We have had it in our bedtime playlist for years.

  14. Maybe a little cheesy but I love it – “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

  15. I hope you dance by Leeann Womack is AMAZING and always gets me in the feels when I think about my kids ?

  16. ???????

    So great to read this article and find things that I’d like sharing with my daughter in law and my daughter so they can use it with their kids! I definitely think they both will love it as I did! Thank you for helping us! ????

  17. why are most of these older songs??????? kids what like only newer songs

  18. Sheryl Morris says:

    Do you know Elizabeth Mitchell songs? So many favorites. Like “Little Sack of Sugar”.