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  1. Pamela DeWolfe Crouch says:

    You look gorgeous in your wedding photos! :o)

    We just had to basically stop swearing around the kids, because the alternative would be them swearing around their friends or at church, which was not an option. Now we only swear when the kids are not in the room.

    1. Pam, you made me blush!

      I really admire how in tune you are with your surroundings when it comes to swearing. Can I blame sleep deprivation for the fact that I can’t seem to master that? :-)

      1. Pamela DeWolfe Crouch says:

        I think that’s allowed. :o) If you were determined to, I think you could curb it. I’m actually not offended by swearing unless it’s insulting, but many people are, so that’s why I try. I think it’s so funny how first you have to learn to swear, and then later in life you have learn not to!

  2. I’ve attempted to substitute Schnikes (a la Tommy Boy) instead of the other S word. It’s ridiculous but it usually sounds like a Shhhhhnikes.. ( I correct myself halfway through)

    1. Schnikes!!!! Oh my gosh, we LOVE that movie in our house. Thank you for the reminder! Now we may have to watch it after the kids go to sleep… :-)

  3. LOVE the photos! Beautiful!

    I have such a bad mouth and have tried every way to break the habit. But saying “fudge” just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as the real thing.

    Recently, what I’ve been doing with my 5 year-old is having her promise she won’t repeat it and bribing her with chocolate. ;)

    1. Elle, I *so* agree with you on “fudge” just not cutting it! But bribing with chocolate is a valid and highly effective parenting technique, in my book. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the photos of my special day..I’m still on cloud nine!

  4. NewNormalAdventures says:

    Love this post so much and I can totally relate. Stunning photos, by the way! Congrats!!

    1. Amanda, it’s good to hear I’m not the only one struggling with this! Luckily Bailey’s not old enough to be repeating things yet. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll have the rule-following personality that Abby does. :-)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos…the day felt magical!

  5. Sarah Star says:

    I absolutely agree with you on the concept that swear words are only “bad” when the intention is to create a negative reaction. Words are words. Is the value we place in those words that makes them hurtful or derogatory. If as a culture, or society, or hell, a species…. We would stop giving certain words higher value than others than “bad” words wouldn’t exist! We could save alot of hurt feelings on a daily basis! It’s fun to dream! :)
    Thanks for the post! I too have a hard time with this one!

    1. Sarah, it *is* fun to dream! Words have only the power we choose to give to them. You said it: “Words are words.” Amen to that!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!