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  1. What a wonderful post! I’ll make sure to check these books to find new addition to our collection.

  2. Christina says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad to find this and try them out to see if it’ll help my little boy.

  3. Mary Ann Keck says:

    I absolutely love City dog Country frog. It is such a good book to read, but I will admit to tearing up the first time I read it. Okay…I teared up a lot when I read it.

  4. Sherry Break says:

    Let’s make a friend is a great book too! Written by Dr. Christy Cugini

  5. Niko Draws a Feeling- About not being understood as well as discovering friendship. Very important for kids who SEE/FEEL life differently. This book is magic at showing that you are not alone.

  6. My preschoolers love Ping and Pong Are Best Friends (Mostly) by Tim Hopgood

  7. I’m looking for a book for an 8 year old girl struggling with emotions. She can’t understand why friends don’t want to do what she wants all the time and gets very frustrated. She struggles to see things from others points of view and spends a lot of time alone. She is like an 8 yr old moody teenager. She may already be in puberty and is starting to develop physically. She is also very intelligent and very sweet.

    1. Marie, you may be interested in checking out a FANTASTIC series by American Girl that has nothing to do with dolls. They have many books in the series that covers Friends, What to do about Rumors and Secrets, A Smart Girl’s Guide for What to Say, Emotions, Worry, etc. They also have books about body changes that may apply – The Care and Keeping of You. These cover SO MANY great topIcs.Hope this helps!

      1. Lori Thomas says:

        These are incredible books. We discovered them last year and both my girls 9 and 11 love them. They are a referral as well – they actually go back to them when issues crop up. Highly recommend.

  8. im a mother of 3 and love how powerful books are for encouraging great habits in your kids! Kindness Starts With You by Jacquelyn Stagg is one of our favorites! It will have your little ones spreading kindness and repeating the phrases after reading it once!! I highly recommend it!!

  9. I just found this on Pinterest! I can’t thank you enough (and the other mom bloggers out there). You cut the research and work in half by sharing everything so freely. Thanks so much!

  10. Great list! Which book would you recommend with a good story about a friend saying not so nice things or doing things you don’t like (like throw a snowball at you)? (A la the situation that prompted this great research!)

  11. One of our favorites is Lily and Bear

  12. Hi have you got a childrens book recommendation about when one of your friends is periodically mean to you or manipulation? Thanks

  13. We love penguin and pinecone and a sick day for Amos McGee. Excited to check out the others! Thank you! I would also suggest Hello, My Name is Ruby. Both my kids (2 & 4) love it and it helped my older one, who often feels shy, practice how to approach new friends and that sometimes someone may not be interested in playing (it was kind though, that bird just said no thank you) and that’s ok too.

  14. We love the ‘My Friends and I’ friendship book. It’s a fill-in-the-blank book with prompts. The kids passed the book along to their friends and their friends answered questions like What’s your favorite food?, What are your favorite activities?, etc. There’s also a picture box to add a photo or a doodle. It’s a fun way for them to learn more about their friends and it’s a cute keepsake, too.