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  1. frugalfamilytimes says:

    We loved our co-sleeper for those early months. My dad made ours, it was patterned after the wooden arms reach one. There are really affordable ones that do the same job.

    1. Robin, I’ve heard really good things about co-sleepers. It’s cool to hear your dad made yours – I wouldn’t have thought to do that but it doesn’t seem like a super complicated project for someone who’s made stuff before!

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Grovia Magic Stick baby ointment! Also SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets, they are very light for the summer. The Summer Infant Swaddleme swaddling blanket with velcro was indispensable too.

    1. Anne-Marie, swaddling blankets, good call! I can’t believe I left those out above, oops. I’m going to pick up one or two of the SwaddleDesigns blankets for sure. And funny you mention Grovia – I think that’s the diapering direction we’ll go & I like the idea of getting their ointment since it shouldn’t cause a problem with laundering the diapers.

    2. Alicia Hammond says:

      More swaddlemes is definitely something we’ll want the 2nd time around. We had 2 with the 1st baby and they were so effective we bought another set, but if he was burpy he’d go through 3 of them in one night and we don’t have time for that kind of laundry now that we’ll have a toddler and a newborn!

      Since little man will be keeping his convertible crib and carseat, we’ll need new ones for baby number 2.

  3. kelly @ view along the way says:

    I like my mei tai carrier, because I thought the moby was too complicated too. Great list!

    1. Kelly, glad to hear I’m not the only one who didn’t love the Moby! I’ve never tried a mei tai carrier – what brand did you like?

  4. Don’t forget the Lansinoh! My babies are 8 and almost 10 now, but it works for chapped lips too! Congrats on the new baby coming and best to you getting sleep early on! kg

    1. Kerry, good call. :-) That’s a definite essential!

      I’m trying this brand this time because I’ve heard such good things about it: Motherlove Nipple Cream. Hoping it works just as good as lanolin – I really like the idea of the organic ingredients since the little one will most likely be ingesting some!

  5. Rachel Miller says:

    Do you have any recommendations for double strollers that are affordable for a low income family? The one you suggested looks wonderful but that’s almost the price of our rent and we only have one income. I’d like to have a double stroller but it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t require a bank loan. Haha

    1. Hi Rachel, we always have good luck finding gently used items like this on Craigslist for a HUGE savings off the sticker price. Hope you were able to find something! Congrats on your newest little one :-)

    2. Kaitlyn Terry says:

      The evenflo pivot stroller can have two seats plus a ride on board. Starts at 299$

  6. Tara Smith says:

    ABout to have a third baby, our first girl. Having a different gender has caused me to register for different things. We also got rid of a lot of things. But, the must-haves for baby #3 are new bottles/whether for formula or pumped milk, new onesies and gowns, new pacifiers, new sheets, swaddles, and a new infant car seat and base since our last one expired.

  7. Emily Maddock says:

    Dear God you are brilliant! The Cushy Closer! I never would have thought about it and am now running to Amazon to get 3! Thank you Thank you!