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    1. Stevie R Lambert says:

      You are hilarious Kelly and this was very helpful. My son turns one tomorrow and I’m excited to gift these items to him and also to myself as these are literally all things I need for my kitchen and home as well hah thanks for the ideas!

  1. My kids have been fans of whatever we put in the recycling bin. We let them play with the empty clean items for a while and then return them to the recycling bin once they’re bored of them or have destroyed them.

    1. Reanna, I just love that approach. You might as well put the recyclables to good use before they’re sent off to be broken down & remade! And if they wrinkle it or crush it, no big deal!

      Brilliant. Thank you for sharing that tip!

  2. Taylor Odermatt says:

    i know that kids absoulety lover the clicker for tv it is adorable especially when daddys watching sports

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this post! We have the same back massager and I just brought it downstairs for the baby and he loves it. So how did you politely ask family NOT to give….ahem…crap? We’re a few months away from our first Christmas!

  4. Lauren Matheson says:

    muffin tins are also gold for snack time. Somehow random foods in separate compartments are much tastier than on a plate meant for kids.

  5. Hi kelly,
    Brilliant article. I think children want to play everything that finds near of hand. Anyway, Thanks for excellent ideas. “Sturdy Plastic Cups” and “Vacuum Cleaner” is best.

  6. I love this idea!! But my baby also loves to chew on leather, and I’ve been reading that most leather is cured with some bad chemicals like formaldehyde. Something to keep in mind!!!

  7. I am expecting a baby in next January.
    I like your advice a lot except one point.

    I really don’t have any experience with Laundry Basket and Baby Combo!!!!!!

  8. We have number 2 arriving soon, and it always makes me search for the safest toys :)

    Thanks for compiling this list – it’s very helpful.