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  1. Last Stop on the Reindeer Express is such a magical book, especially for kids who can’t see their grandparents at Christmas. Highly recommend! And I’m glad we’re not the only ones who look for less “preachy” holiday books. Great list!

  2. I hope you will check out the book “The christmas miracle of jonathan toomey” The illustrations are amazing and it is one of my absolute favorites with such a special message.

  3. Thank you so much for your beautiful book list One of our absolute favorite books is called, “An Orange for Frankie” by Patricia Polacco. It is a heartwarming story about a young boy who gives something treasured to a stranger in need set in a time when oranges were the treat most treasured by children on Christmas morning.

  4. Thank you!! I was trying to find a list of the best to put on hold at the library because I was browsing their online list of Christmas books for kids and there were over 1,100 entries to choose from. I have heard of some of these, but some will be new to us. Thank you for your time to find these books and for sharing the list with us. My favorite (which I’m so glad is on your list) is Christmas Day in the Morning. So heartwarming. I can’t get through it without crying and my kids (ages 7 and 4) love it, too. Last year after we read it they were inspired to do some extra work around the house as a surprise for me. LOVE it. I was hoping to find some more treasures like that one but didn’t know where to start. This list is perfect!

  5. My favorite Christmas Book (other than The Night Before Christmas) is Redbird at Rockefeller Center by Peter Maloney and Felicia Zekauskus.

  6. What a wonderful list! So many favorites as well as new books to check out! Arriving this October is a new and wonderfully reviewed book from Shake the Moon Books…”The Frog at the Window (A Completely Wild Christmas Tale)” a wonderful story of sharing, giving and the creation of a new holiday tradition between a little girl and nearby woodland animals.

  7. McDuff’s New Friend is a great book. My kids loved it we must have read it a million times. The illustrations are just beautiful!

  8. The Sparkle Box is our favorite Christmas book and stresses the importance of helping others. We use our own sparkle box (comes with some of the books if you buy them new) every year as a great family tradition.

  9. The Christmas Knight by Jane Louise Curry is one of our top picks!
    Thank you for compiling such a great list!