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  1. Do you use conditioner afterwards?

    1. Hi Jannen, oops I should have mentioned that! I’ll add this above, but personally I don’t use conditioner very often just because I feel like it weighs my hair down. But it should be fine to use conditioner after washing with shampoo and baking soda!

  2. This is a great idea, I’m wondering though can the baking soda affect dyed hair? I don’t want to ruin my dyed highlighted expensive hair :(

    1. Hi Fern, I don’t have any personal experience with dyed hair and baking soda, but after a quick search, I found on this page that the full-on no-poo approach is safe for dyed hair:

      So if you’re just using baking soda and not the complete no-poo regimen, you should be safe.

      Here’s a comment from that page: “I’m told that it is perfectly safe for dyed hair. In fact, because
      no-poo doesn’t strip the hair of oils, etc, your colour could well last
      longer without fading.”

      To be on the safe side, you could wait til the week or two before you’re due for another hair appointment and try the baking soda. That way, if for some odd reason there is any effect, you’ll get your color fixed up soon enough. But it sounds like you should be fine!

      Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks so much! I tried this last night after becoming increasingly frustrated at my super greasy post pregnancy hair and it definitely works. I made a shampoo and baking soda paste and let it sit in my hair for 15 min. Worked a treat!

  4. Hi! I have been dealing with greasy hair for months now and have been going crazy. I take a lot of pride in my hair I have very thick soft hair that most girls would kill for. But recently it has been so greasy that I usually just put it up in a bun because I just couldn’t deal with it. I just saw your post and tried this method and it worked! My hair has not felt this good in a long time and I just wanted to thank you for posting this!!

    1. Yay! Doesn’t that feel great to have clean-feeling hair again? So happy for you, Sandy!

  5. Hi! I tried this today and it worked! And I have color treated hair and so far my color is still intact. My question is do I use the baking soda the one time or do I need to do it every time I wash my hair now? Thanks!

  6. Thank you! I’m 5 months postpartum with baby #2 and this time had awful oily roots especially around the crown of my head. (Did not have this problem with my first) Bought special shampoo and conditioner (Biolage for Oily Scalp) which worked for a week, but then back to oily hair. Tried the baking soda with the shampoo and IT WORKED! Why did I go 5 months feeling dirty and greesy?

  7. Hi. I would like to try this trick, but how often should I wash my hair with baking soda in a week? Cause I always use shampoo + conditioner everyday. Or I’ll use baking soda only if my hair is super oily?

  8. Newly pregnant and experienced super greasy hair almost immediately. Tried lots of things already but so far nothing has worked. Until now!! This remedy is incredible. My hair feels amazing now, back to normal. Thank you!!

  9. So so thankful for seeing this post! I had been going nuts for days due to postpartum greasiness. I honestly didn’t want to leave this house. I tried this and my hair looked clean after washing for the first time in days. It’s the next day and my hair still looks clean. Fingers crossed that this solved the problem! Thanks again!