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  1. I had the WORST restless leg syndrome.. I’d be in tears most night, my poor hubby would try to rub my legs, I did stretches, nothing worked. The only thing that have me very TEMPORARY relief was a warm bath immediately before bed but if I didn’t fall asleep within like 10 minutes after the bath it would be back :( luckily it disappeared after birth!

  2. Maureen Adams says:

    I just wanted to share with everyone that I am a professional certified massage therapist and because of that I know how well massage works for so many things not just the swelling but it also helps with the baby. It is proven in books and by doctors that massage therapy during pregnancy can increase your circulation which can help improve your babies growth. I even massage my own legs and feet at night and I start at the top of my thighs and work my way down with a gentle petrossage which is a kneading noting with both hands. Although it is better to start at the feet and work up at my 6 month mark of my fourth pregnancy it was definitely to hard to start at the bottom and work my way up. Lol. But it has been proven by my doctor to help with all things pregnancy and that includes my nauseous demeanor that I wake up with every morning and night. There is no Meds or no other solution that I have found that has massage therapy beaten when it comes to my nausea. There is a school somewhere close if you only seek one out you will only be happy with the results. In Alabama there is a school in Birmingham called Birmingham school of massage. It is the school I have graduated from and I have expierenced the truely amazing benefits from their student therapist in training. The cost is $30.00 for a student massage and all the students that are there to work on clients are trained for several months before they are able to begin working in the student clinics. These are a requirement for them to graduate and they are not compensated with anything of monetary value it is strictly for the expierence and the client building skills that they are able to evolve by working with actual people rather than only their classroom peers and their fellow therapist that teach them. Please reach out if you are a pregnant women in need of relief from the typical medical conditions brought on by a new beautiful child. I have personally experienced massage with one pregnancy and then after I completed my massage therapy class of my own I began working on myself and many other pregnant women and just the results alone outweighs the monetary value of the massage benefits. Just Do It. God Bless and I hope the best for the women out there that are pregnant.

    1. I want to take msg I stay in Hyderabad how much cost it is???

  3. A massage therapist at the OB/GYN office is a fantastic idea!! You should definitely get that started!