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  1. I’m m surprised you don’t have any Caspar Babypants songs!! He’s always been my favorite as a parent, as the lyrics are hilarious for adults ?

    1. Hi Kate, we love Caspar Babypants! “Baby’s Little Self” will always hold a special place in my heart. :-) With that said, when I surveyed other parents about their favorite kid-friendly funny songs, the general consensus was that CB sounds like straight-up kids’ music, so they wouldn’t want to regularly listen to a playlist containing those songs.

      Thank you for adding the recommendation here. I’m sure other parents will appreciate the heads up!

  2. Barbara Simonds says:

    I’m a retired preschool teacher and brand-new granny. Thank you for this wonderful playlist! Can’t wait to share it with my grandson.

  3. My grandkids love “Tickle Monster” and “I love my White Shoes” (Pete the Cat version)!

  4. I love your book, love your emails/blog, and love this playlist. Thank you for doing what you do! -from Kate (mom of 3 in Northville, Michigan)

  5. Most of Joe McDermott’s catalog is awesome but Air Guitar is my favorite! Baby Got Stuck In the Bumbo by Elizabeth McQueen and The Fox by Noelle Hampton were another favorites of my kiddos and me!

  6. Check out any of the albums by Richard Perlmutter – Beethoven’s Wig I, II, and III. They were published ages ago, but they are silly kid’s songs set to classical music and my kids, who are now adults still know all of the lyrics.