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  1. Emily Vanderhoof says:

    This is a great post! I was a really shy kid and I really didn’t stick up for myself either. Now I’m raising three girls and I want them to be strong, brave, confident girls. . I love the idea of empowering with music! Fight Song is one of our favoirites!

  2. How scary! I still remember when I was in sixth grade and one of the class bullies (a boy) said something about how bad I was pitching in baseball. I already forgot what he was telling me to do (maybe step off the mound?), but he threatened to “punch me” if I didn’t do it. And I held my ground because I knew if I did, I would tell him that he can do this any time. So I held my ground, ready to be punched but of course he didn’t. Same thing about 2 years earlier with ‘mean girls’ in fourth grade and I remember standing up to them because I knew to do otherwise would mean they had control over me. The sad thing is how YOUNG this starts, and while I have no daughters, I tell my kids to be kind, to help their friends and never let anyone treat them poorly.

  3. Love2LittleMonkeys says:

    I LOVE this post. I was that shy child once, and as much as I love that my oldest, (3) is a shy and timid girl, I do not want her to go through what I did. All the embarrassing moments, anxiety filled days.. Thank you for sharing, I hope that I can help make her feel empowered.

  4. I’m the oldest of 20 kids. It’s a yours, mine and ours situation. In 7 days I’ll be 29. My youngest sibling just turned a year old at the beginning of the month. With the age gap I struggle to connect with some of my 12 sisters. However, I found that music connects almost everyone in some way or another. With that I set out to create something that would also empower and lift my younger sisters into feeling worthy, important and strong. Here are some of the songs I had on my list that you didn’t have on yours (although I had a lot of yours I found some new ones too!).
    Still Standing- Elton John
    Try- P!nk
    Try- Colbie Caillat
    Brave- Sara Bareilles
    Roar- Katy Perry
    Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
    Happy- Pharrel Williams
    I’m Alright- Kenny Loggins
    Beautiful- Christina Aguilera
    What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong
    I Believe I Can Fly- R. Kelley
    Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson
    Believe- Fantasia
    Unpretty- T.L.C.
    Firework- Katy Perry
    Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
    Stronger- Kelly Clarkson
    Survivor- Destiny’s Child
    Bulletproof- La Roux
    Biscuits- Kacey Musgraves
    I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor
    Respect- Aretha Franklin
    Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero- Bette Midler

    1. Connie Hurley Jones says:

      Add Dolly Parton’s “I Hope You Dance”

  5. What a great post. Yes, I have been there too! I have been searching for music that is “appropriate” yet strong enough to share with my girls and this list is awesome. A new artist named Genevive has some fabulous ones that we hip hop to “Show your Colors” and “My authority”. Rock on!!

  6. Erika Cedillo says:

    Loved, loved, loved this post. We also pay a lot of attention to the songs we play for our daughters.
    One we all like is “Just the way you are” Bruno Mars, they feel really happy when I sing it to them

  7. I hope you dance!! All time favorite to make me feel I could do anything! Showing my age!!

  8. There is do mu ch shadows here I also have three daughters and same issues.

  9. My now 3-year-old granddaughter has LOVED Stronger, by Kelly Clarkson, since she was 2. And she sees herself as strong and brave–maybe partially due to all the times she sang that song.

  10. Katherine Krompascik says:

    The Champion by Carrie Underwood!, This is Me sung by Keala Settle from the Greatest Showman

  11. Kiyoko Wilkinson says:

    Out of the ones you have ,fight song is my favorite. I use this song, to give me a lift.when feeling down. fight like a girl,by Kaylie Shore,is my all time favorite empowerment song.Keith Urban’s, Female is a great way to show appreciation for women not so much empowerment , still very nice. I sang it while marching in #Me Too Movement.stay strong Ladies???

  12. The band Superchic(k) also has several incredible girl-power or generally empowering songs. “Rock What You Got” is one of my faves, and also “Anthem”. There are more, and I’ll go through my playlist and figure out which ones specifically fit the bill, and post them later, hopefully.

  13. Mary Jones says:

    Don’t Call me Angel or Mabel

  14. [Verse 1]
    Could dress up, to get love
    But guess what?
    I’m never gonna be that girl
    Who’s living in a Barbie world
    Could wake up in make up and play dumb
    Pretending that I need a boy
    Who’s gonna treat me like a toy

    1. [ ververse number 2 and more] I know all the other girl is going to wear expensive things and diamond rings but I don’t want to be the puppet that you’re playing on the strain this queen don’t need a king girl I don’t know what you been told but this gal right hear going to rule the world yeah that is where I’m going to be because I want to be I don’t want to sit still look pretty you get up and not too bad dream of picket fences and trophy wifes but no im never going to be cause I don’t want to sit still look pretty sure I’m a pretty girl up in a pretty world but they say pretty hurts and I don’t want to sit still I’m a pretty girl up in a pretty world but no I won’t sit still look pretty

  15. Hi I am Aviah and I am 10 I like all these songs but my fav is believer or radioactive or demons alll from imagin dragons

    1. I am almost 11, and I love all these songs. I also very much like Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya.

      1. sit still look pretty is my favorite too

  16. I’m 9 years old I like most of these songs but my favorite was Put Your Records On

  17. Broken and Beautiful

    By Kelly Clarkson

  18. Shake it off

    By Taylor Swift

  19. Thanks so much for the songs

  20. Christie Gregory says:

    Love your list!! I have two little girls and want to encourage them to feel big, be strong and kind. The song that had me looking to create a list is Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. I would suggest this is one to add!
    Keep up the great work!

  21. Born this way by Lady Gaga