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  1. This is such an awesome idea! I am excited to start this as weekly mommy daughter time with my 1st grader. She enjoyed the “My brain is a muscle…” one I found a while back. I know she will enjoy coloring these as well. I feel these posters will help her with her self doubt and provide her a more growth mindset. Thank you for this free resource!

    1. Correction, thank you for these resources! Worth every penny!

  2. Love this idea! But what if this stuff is already coming up in a 3 year old (JUST turned 3)? She is in a new dance class and also said something that broke my heart the other day…. “I’m not as good as the other girls”. I can’t believe at 3 she is already thinking that, but have you tried these with kiddos that young? Other ideas for youngsters like that, aside from the encouragement and support as a parent?

  3. I love these ideas, Kelly! I work with children on a daily basis, and this will come in very useful:) So many of my kiddos think that they “can’t” succeed, even when I know they can. They just need to train their brains to think positively. Thanks so much for your inspiration:)

  4. Yes, we parents are one of the factors that can make our kids more confident. Let’s guide them and help them to become better on what they do. Let’s not forget to praise them i they have done something good.

  5. Audrey Johnson says:

    Very powerful concept of continued growth. This is so important because we have the ability to never stop growing. I have adult children and they are still learning and growing every day. Thank you for sharing such an important message.

  6. This is awesome! My eldest is clever but gives up easily! She is afraid to fail… We could do these posters together a bonding activity and gradually the message may sink in like it has for your Bailey! Thanks for this great post. Rose @ Our House of Love

  7. Another hugely helpful post! Thank you very much Kelly! I’m sharing this with my community of teachers and parents…..