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  1. nutmeggo0410 says:

    Megan {Country Cleaver} What a cool idea! I have seen these for date night ideas for couples – but equally genius for kids!!

    1. Megan, ooh I like the idea of using a jar like this for date night ideas! We had so much fun with our Advent calendar for the holidays this year – all these jar ideas feel like of like a year-round Advent calendar. :-)

  2. My mom never bothered with a bored jar or anything like that. My brothers and I learned pretty quickly not to admit boredom too loudly, because we knew the answer would always be, “Go read a book,” “Go play,” or “Well, help me by setting the table, then.” We learned to entertain ourselves, and that fostered a great deal of creativity in all of us.

    1. Laura, I love your story of how you and your brothers learned to be so creative! It sounds like your mom had the magic touch. :-) Thanks for stopping by to share your perspective!

  3. Honestly, as per our counselor (who is helping us with our daughter’s ADHD Combined diagnosis) and some other reading I’ve done, it’s GOOD for kids to be bored.

    Kids don’t need us to provide an answer to their boredom all the time. But some of the time? I think this jar is a great idea!

  4. This is very good for young children . A next step when the child is a little older could be like this. I wanted my kids to be resourceful and learn to entertain themselves. When they said , “I’m bored,”, i gave them a small job to do and they had to do it. They would rather play than work so they quickly learned to find things to do .