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  1. I’ve always used blank journals with my boys when I get sick of nagging them or need them to hear me. Writing takes the anger out of a lecture and allows me to be mushy when I want. I leave it on their pillow and they can read the journal during a quiet time and reply if they want. This works great with teens!

    1. I love this idea! Thanks – I’m going to steal!

  2. which kind of journal is best for 4 year old boy

    1. Hi Harshi! For 4-year-olds who aren’t yet writing independently, the art journals in #2 or the journal in #4 would be a great fit. :)

  3. Hi Kelly! I’d love if you took a look at the ETTCH journal and let me know your thoughts as well! Would love to see how it compares to some of the other journals you’ve listed here!

  4. This is great. Just this school year my husband and I got my stepkids for the first time since their bio mom wasn’t being very consistent with their education. As a future teacher myself I wanted to help there sentence structure so I started a writing journal for them. I am also starting a printable one to put on my website. Its not done yet but I am super excited about it. Good job!

  5. Thanks for this, Kelly. My son and I love journaling, which we’ve been doing on the computer so far. Your email made this look enticing. I don’t feel good about the top two being essentially “share your feelings in a healthy way with mom” or “do some token activity with dad to obligate him to engage his kids for a few minutes”. I appreciate your acknowledgment of this gap in our consumer role-driven market. Hopefully we will all start seeing and being seen as people again soon. Your work has been helpful to my family.

    1. I agree with you 100%, Sean. Why don’t they make the same type of journal in #1 for dads?! Makes no sense to me. That’s so awesome that you and your son love journaling together!

      1. Sean and Kelly, I see you and I hear you. I’m the author of “Between Mom and Me,” the mother son journal Kelly mentions. (Thank you, Kelly!) I think so many dads are amazing and active parents that deserve to have the opportunity to journal with their kids. So exciting news—Between Dad and Me (father son journal) and Love, Dad and Me (father daughter journal) released earlier this month. I hope they can fill that gap you’re looking for. ??

        1. HI Kelly, Sean and Katie – I am a dad and I am a big fan of journaling (I did it for more than 30 years)… Last year, I created a journal for my kids, focused on leadership skills…it’s called “I AM A LEADER – a 90-Day Leadership Journal for Kids (ages 8 – 12)..

          I think it has more of dad’s perspective/take on daily appreciation/mindfulness/goal setting…hope this is helpful.

          Peter J. Liang

          1. I think this is exactly what I’m looking for for my 10 year old son. I’ve added it to my amazon cart but there aren’t any preview pages to get an idea of the content or layout.

  6. Laurie A Garner says:

    In your email about this, you noted that your preschooler is ready for journaling. Are you using a picture journal? I have a five year old, but reading and writing aren’t skills he has yet. Thanks!

    1. Hi Laurie! For kiddos who aren’t yet writing independently, the art journals in #2 or the journal in #4 would be a great fit. That’s what I’m planning to get my preschooler. :) Hope that helps!

  7. I love gratitude journals :) I design a range for kids, teens and adults here in New Zealand.

  8. Lissie Brooks says:

    I wish there were an easy way to print this article. It is excellent.

  9. wow ! Thank you so much for this !!!

  10. Pam Machefsky says:

    Outstanding journal.list. Thanks

  11. Hi, I found your article when researching communicative journals. I’m looking into the Loom Journal. It’s pretty expensive have you seen it – I’d live to know your thoughts.

  12. Hi Kelly,
    I just wanted to say I love your blog! Especially this article on the 10 Best Journal for Kids. I linked to it from my related blog post (the one I added to the website field in my comment profile). It would make my day if you checked it out and maybe even shared it with your readers.
    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!
    Jill (fellow AdThriver :)

  13. I’am looking for a journal for a 10 year old who just lost lost her grandfather. He lived her family and was with her daily.

  14. Is there a journal that may help a 10year old write experiences she d shared with her grand father she just lost?

  15. Such an amazing list thank you! We love journaling in our house. It is lovely to see happy kids that are able to write down their thoughts from the day, we have tried a few from your list actually. I’ve come across one recently that I’m going to purchase next- The I CAN Journal- It is less costly than some of the others but looks to have similar aims- worth a go!

  16. Michaela Ryan says:

    Which are best for my 8 year old son?

  17. Prajaktta Patwardhan says:

    Hello, I have a nephew who is an Autistic. You may be aware that these people rarely interact and are often lost in their own world. To bring these Autistic personalities in our world calls for some real action plan ( Basically bring them in real world). Can you suggest how journaling will help them?

  18. Andrea da Silva says:

    Hi Kelly! Andrea from Uruguay! This articule inspir3d me so much, not online as a mum, but also as a teacher.
    My brain is mind mapping all kind of projects!!

  19. I’m wondering if the mom and me journal would be something good for my almost 11-year-old daughter and myself. We had always been close until the past year she became a little distant. She also comes from a broken home and I’ve remarried. She does seem to struggle with her emotions and is quite moody-possibly hormones. I’m looking for a way to reconnect. She is a wonderful writer and artist but I’ve never even thought about journaling. I did pick up a copy of “Wreck This Journal” recently.

  20. Thanks heaps for sharing. One of the most helpful articles I’ve read. I really appreciate it. Best of luck to you and your family.

  21. Are we ignoring introverts here? I stopped eating breakfast at13. When I realized I was never hungry until late morning. And it was ok to be hungry during 4th period math. I enjoyed nothing more than finding a quiet corner to think or read, uninvaded by sibs wanting attention and interaction. Or to “start trouble.” And it was infuriating, when my mother noticed me quietly sitting, and decided I “needed more chores.” I was wise, analytical, self -contained and knew myself. I did not want to share my feelings with anyone. Especially my unsupportive family. I knew I was on my own, and didn’t need help from anyone. I was emotionally intelligent by nature, which I consider synonymous with maturity. But it’s challenging when society reveres busy, social extraverts, and tries to make us all fit into that shape.