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  1. Christine Bacas Tutor says:

    Love this! Thanks, Kelly! Arden is not a big fan of Kinder. She said that the teachers talk too much and are boring. LOL!

    1. Chris, that’s so funny. Abby got in trouble in the first week because the teacher was going over something Abby already knew, so Abby was bored & fidgeting with her bracelet. Let’s hope the second week goes better for our little ones!

  2. Love the idea of an annual interview!

  3. There's Just One Mommy says:

    Oh, I love it!
    This is definitely going to become part of our back to school tradtions!

  4. I absolutely love this print out. My twins start Kindy on Friday!

    1. Would love to start this tradition! 3rd grader and kindergartener this year! Thanks so much for the post…it really hit home.

  5. I love these printables and use the “first day of” ones every year. However I can’t find the “last day of” ones for different grades. I know it’s here somewhere because I have one for the final day of second grade. Any help to locate the printable would be fantastic. Thanks!

  6. susie sheffield says:

    My grandson is going into second grade, wish I had this 5 years ago when he entered tiny tots at age 2 1/2.

  7. Thank you for sharing this article. It is really important to ask how the day went in school because it shows that you are concerned and interested in their activities. It also shows support and once established, this may also be a good year-ender and assessment.

  8. This is great! Thanks ????

    1. Oups … sorry it’s « !!!! » and not « question marks » ?