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  1. Happy mother’s day to all moms around the world. You are all amazing. Thank you for being the best parent that you can be.

  2. Such an uplifting and important read for all mothers to come across. Putting everything you have into something, no matter how rewarding, can come with it’s moments of “Really?” So helpful to have that gentle nudge of a reminder, that our kiddos are just like us, they’re human and they’re trying.

  3. Brittania says:

    I definitely needed to read this today, THANK YOU! You are so right! We work so hard 24/7 giving our best to our children and families, often times without the recognition we deserve. But it’s what fills us with joy and purpose, and when mothers uplift other mothers and praise each other, it means so much because we’ve all been there and know what it takes. Even when we are at our wits end, we always have 1 more hug or smile to give to our loved ones. Thank you for reminding me that even though I am not getting showered with flowers and thank you’s And praise every day, I am still doing my best and it will come To fruition.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. It’s such an inspiring message to all mothers like me. Parenting may not be an easy as pie but it’s all worth it. Good to read this message all over again. Thank you!

  5. Thank you, I really needed this. Hugs to all the moms out there.

    I would like to say to all the fathers…no she is not your mother, but she is the mother of your child(ren), make her day special.

  6. Thanks for your support and words of encouragement and understanding. I wish I was a better parent. I am a perfectionist and often struggle trying to get EVERYTHING done. I always feel guilty that I don’t spend as much quality time with my 2 darling girls as I ought to. But trying to find that balance of getting everything done and spending quality time with my girls is hard. I don’t want to be a crotchety Mum losing her temper and getting frustrated whilst trying to make it all happen. Our children are only babies for a very short time, we need to embrace that time. So if anyone else is struggling like me, know your not alone. We should support each other. So enjoy your day whatever you do and know we are all in it together

  7. When you’re exhausted and had enough for the day. When your 4 year old tests you beyond belief… the reward is their arms around you like the most precious jewellery and a heart melting ” I love you, Mummy” makes it all worthwhile.

  8. Lynn Kinkade says:

    Just remember this is a moment in time and you’re gonna miss this one day. Cherish the little moments in time. Take a minute to be in the moment. Smell your little ones hair, touch their beautiful skin, feel the love of the moment. You’re gonna miss this.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to all the exhausted, late, messy bun, kid songs on repeat, and amazing mommas out there. You got this! I don’t think they know how much we really need them. Raise kind humans ??

  10. I’m reading this at 5 in the morning, it made me cry. I’m going to get 5 elasticated ties ready to start today. Thank you Kelly