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  1. frugalfamilytimes says:

    Wow, Kelly, you’re getting so close! I’d add a couple to the list: sleep every possible minute – babies don’t need a perfect looking nursery or a fully stocked layette (still not clear on what the what that is) – they need a mom who’s feeling as good as she can.

    Before our first child was born we had a party with lots of friends, knowing it might be awhile. Which was great. In retrospect I wish I’d cleaned up better after that – we had a home birth (yup, we’re hippies) – we had a huge pile of empties on the kitchen counter. Not sure how that made us look to the midwives. :)

    Hope everything goes well for you!

    1. Robin, sleep, YES! I can’t believe I forgot to add that. :-) It seems like I just can’t get enough sleep right now…

      I love the party idea! Funny about the empties leftover, hehe. I can just imagine myself cringing at the midwives walking in and seeing that…or maybe you had bigger things on your mind at that moment? :-)

      I didn’t realize you’d had a home birth – very cool. Props to you, mama! I was born at home – not on purpose though. It was during an ice storm in Dallas, and of course no one is equipped to drive on ice in Texas. I was on a faster timeline than the ambulance, apparently!

      Thank you for the well wishes. I’m just sitting, waiting, wondering how this little one is going to come into the world. Feeling like I haven’t done enough Hypnobabies practice, and sometimes having a brief 10-second panic attack: “Is she ever going to come out of there?!?”

  2. Wow, I love these tips! Pinning for future use.
    I found my way over from your comment on Honest Mom — nice to “meet” you, and best of luck with the upcoming birth and your new little girl!

    1. Lauren, thank you for the well wishes! I’m now 40 weeks 5 days, and no baby…whew!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and pinning this post. :-) I’m headed to check out your blog now too!

  3. Hi Kelly, this is my first time on your blog and I’ve spent the past half hour reading post after post and I can’t stop. Even though I really need to get up and pee (33 weeks prego here lol). Anyway just thought I’d say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Blessings!