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  1. Heaven is Smiling Above says:

    I have six daughters. I hope they do things for each other the way your sister did for you! I’m sorry for your loss and regret. I regret not being the awesome big sister I should have been in high school. I left home way too early to get another chance. This year my sisters and I are starting our first sisters weekend. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. I always wanted a sister but only had brothers. That’s the main reason when we decided to adopt, the number was a total of 4, and we made sure to split the numbers equally between genders. Two boys, two girls and the bond between each pair, especially the girls, is something special to behold. To watch my oldest child guide my youngest child through the twists and turns of life’s challenges and joys is amazing to watch. Such love and dedication.

  3. very cute list, must do with my little sister. I love you sister tami

  4. Thanks for the great Article, my sisters and I have had good times, but we went through some hard family times and this has inspired me to rekindle our bond more

  5. Khloe Coffman says:

    I know I’m just a kid but my sister is living with her dad and the last time I saw her it was the last day of summer and she promised that she would come and see us every weekend but she didn’t come once and it is already fall break I just need some advice of how to deal with this and to possible get her to come and see us

    1. Have you talked to her yet? If you have, remind her of what she said. If not, also remind her what she said. Maybe think of something fun you can do together to maybe grab her attention. Then if you do it together and have a great time I’m sure you two will realize that you want to hang out more and that you miss each other. Also, tell her you miss her and that if she won’t come down for the weekend, you will. I hope this helps!

  6. It’s always nice to see the different types of sisterhood relationships, this one touched my heartstrings a little. Thank you for sharing this. It made me buy tickets for a movie date with my four sisters, a bit pricey but every single time I have done something for them, they always appreciate it. Off to the Cinema!!! ^_^

  7. I have one you can add “pull a all nighter with your sister(s) and talk about personal scary and questions they have, about life or school etc..”

  8. Thank you for these ideas. I am going to do these with my sister. She is turning 18 in September. I sorry about your sister.

  9. Something like that can be really bonding…I know from experience. I watch some stuff with my sister not BAD but that I wouldn’t watch with my mom. It’s really nice, and it’s something we can share that brings us closer. It doesn’t have to be “perfect” or something to be bonding. (Not trying to be rude at all. Just saying why I think it’s ok, and why it’s on there.)

  10. Heaven is smiling above says:

    I am a sister and I am under 18 and this was so helpful thank you

  11. they should have a sister sleepover!!!

  12. Vesta Anderson says:

    This is great advice. I want to make sure my sisters know I love them. I want to do some of these things with them. I have sevensisters. I’m only really close ro one of them. I hope to change that.

  13. Lilly Drabek says:

    This was really helpful… I want to bond more with my sister and I found some good things to do in here. (: thx

  14. I love to netflix and binge with my elder sisy

  15. Here lately me and my sister are always fighting over stuff and I fell like were just growing apart but this list has inspire me to make a sister weekend and try to do every thing on the list and try to help repair our sister bond with each other.

  16. me and my little sister will love this

  17. Emily Savage says:

    I love this. I don’t know anyone else who has a 13 year age gap with their sister. I do. I also have 3 brothers. I waited my whole life and prayed and prayed for a sister, and when I was 12 my mom got pregnant. She was born right around my half birthday. I’m a Leo and she’s an Aquarius. No one really understands how much she means to me, not even her. I’m 21 and she’s 7. I hope one day she thinks of me the way you think of your sister.

  18. Kawaii_Dolores says:

    These are good things to do i have i big list thanks for it but i have way more to do this weekend (PSS it is ok not rly much on here) bye

  19. Go to a dog park if you have a dog
    Play sports !Ike football volleyball etc

  20. My younger sister has recently been diagnosed with ALS. Thank you for sharing your regrets. I’m trying hard not to have any with her, but so afraid that I will.

  21. Thank you I have a shouting teenager sister and a dog

  22. Sorry for you lost too I just need this because when me and Tamsin was young we were very good but now she’s a teenager I felt like I just lost my best friend

  23. Awww this is so sweet. I can’t do all of these as I am just a kid but I will surely list some of these things on my bucket list of things I am going to do when I am an adult.

  24. I am just so sorry about your sister and I think I should relish the moments that I get to spend with mine.