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  1. Jennifer Tammy says:

    Oh I just wanted to hug you when you blamed yourself for your daughter’s perfectionist tendencies!
    I’m really careful not to let my daughter see that side of me, though I know it comes out in subtle ways, and she still has those parts of me — even the perfectionist tendencies I overcame years ago, I see her repeating those steps. It’s painful to watch, but at least now that we have perspective, we can give our children the tools to channel their perfectionism a bit more productively.
    I LOVE my timer, it is the BEST tool for me. And I’m totally ordering one of those colouring books…

  2. nurturehernature says:

    Isn’t it amazing how disjointed we can be as Type A’s?!? Thanks for sharing! I will definitely use some of these! I invested in a very good planner this year that has really helped with the multiple to-do list. I found that when I put my personal and work to-dos and goals together thing became a lot more manageable.

  3. Thanks you for the reminder to just take a step back and let things be imperfect. When I see things not done I actually start a bit of an anxiety attack and feel that same anxiety when I am interrupted. These are things I really need to work on. BTW LOVE my timers! I usually have 2 or 3 going. One for the laundry, one for my tasks and one to remind me to take the toddler to the potty! lol

  4. I truly felt like you were describing me! I have such perfectionist tendencies and it doesn’t always work in my favor. But I’m learning to let go of stuff… slowly.

  5. Burly Stone says:

    Hah! I had JUST posted a blog & mentioned I needed to get a white board to hang in my work space (because who does;t love office supplies!), to write down my seriously out-of-control to-do list. I jump over to Facebook (multitask much?) and see a link to this blog. Talk about serendipity. I empathize with EVERYTHING you wrote, and hope to put some of these ideas into action…

  6. I love this! It is SO me! Absolutely great post! I love the notepads, yes, I have lists everywhere and on everything. I, too, write down and cross off what I did if it wasn’t already on the list :) AND, I picture everything I am going to do in my head the night before.

  7. My perfectionism lead to an eating disorder (even one bite too many made me think I ruined everything so I’d restart my diet “tomorrow.” I’ve been healthy for 20 years but see the perfectionism slipping into other parts of my life… Kelly, I love your list of 6 things to help redirect perfectionist energy into true productivity! Especially to pick 3 MIT’s vs. 25+!!!

  8. Hi.
    today was my first day to know that I have Type A. I start to read about it on google and I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you and your daughter doing well in this life.