How to Set Family Goals & Why They Will Make Your Life Easier As A Parent

Setting family goals transcends the daily slog of family life that can make us feel run-down and overwhelmed. Because when you’re working together towards a common goal, your connection with your family will be stronger.

Family Goal Examples

Save up for a family vacation Eat more veggies Volunteer together Spend more time together Divvy up household chores Be more physically active together

How to Set Family Goals Without Making It Formal And Weird

1. Pick One: Pick just one family goal you’d like to talk about.

2. Preload the First Decision: Make a decision about when you’ll start the family goal-setting conversation with everyone.

3. Gather a Few Fun Supplies: Gather a few helpful supplies such as a whiteboard, post-it notes, and markers to help get planning.

4. Pretend You’re the WD-40 Invite everyone to chime in. Above all, your goal is to grease the wheels of the conversation – be the WD-40.

The WOOP method for tackling goals is based on more than 20 years of research

WOOP Your Goal

Wish – What do you dream of achieving? Ask everyone to say what they want out loud. Outcome – Clarify the outcome you want, being as specific as possible. Obstacle – Next ask, “What might get in the way of this happening?” Plan – Now, create mini “if-then” plans for each obstacle you came up with.

6. Put It on Display At the end of the conversation, write down the final plan and put it on display as a visible reminder for everyone.

7. Circle Back You’ll want to revisit the plan on a regular basis.

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