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  1. LOVE this post Kelly!!! Amye :)

  2. Thanks Kelly for describing so well what a typical day can look like for a working mom. This is all very relatable.

  3. Amazing post. I needed this reminder. I’m a full-time working mother, part-time blogger and part-time college student. It’s so difficult to balance everything in life. I’m pinning and sharing this on Facebook. Happy Friday!

  4. Wow…detailed description of my day…my heart and my duties….

  5. Each and every one of these situations I can relate to. Thanks for this post of reality into the life of the working mother.

  6. KC Alvarado says:

    This literally made me cry-I so needed this today.

  7. Sarah N. Case says:

    I needed this today. Thank you. :)

  8. Thank you for being someone that knows and acknowledges how much it takes to hang in there because to see that wonderful smile and feel those tiny arms hugging you takes away all the bad. Everything for my little one.

  9. From a full time working mom of one, turned full time business owner and mom of 2, I’ve witnessed each end of the spectrum. The heartbreak of having to leave your child for more than 8 hours to the stress of trying to conduct a conference call with a whiny Preschooler and screaming newborn in the background. This was spot on! I’m literally nodding in agreement with every word as I sit in the barbershop waiting for my son to finish his haircut, after a full day of client work and being mom. The guilt I feel from having to leave my newborn with my mom even though I’m happy as all hell for this fresh air. It’s so hard not shedding a tear just because it feels good that someone understands. Motherhood can feel lonely as hell…in spite of daddy and grandparents pitching in. Thank you for writing this!

  10. Kelly, Mom’s always have that cloud over their head. Nice to know someone else “get’s it!”

  11. Thank you so much for this post. I actually started crying because this describes my every day so accurately.

  12. OK this totally made me cry. I’m trying to recover from an infection that evolved into a bad kidney infection I let slip honestly because I was so distracted trying to be an awesome nurse and an awesome mom. I have spent my time looking for ways to make my life simpler, get the most out of every second, prioritize my life so I can do all the things important to me… and sometimes I just can’t. And I have to be ok with that. My personality just doesn’t stop til I crash…. not healthy. This just helped me to release some of these emotions. And geeze, helps to know I’m not the only nut! Go moms for trying to do it all! But let’s also forgive ourself when we just can’t. It’s not a loss, it’s not because we aren’t good enough, or trying hard enough. We just have to be realistic. At the end of the day, time with our babies is all that really matters. Not the mess, the failed dinner, the lateness. Just our babies and partners.

  13. This was just what I needed to read today. I feel so seen. Thank you.