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  1. Jenny Mews says:

    Hi Kelly, that is so cute…
    I am thinking all the time how I will invite my husband to feel helpful, when our baby girl arrives. I try already to prep him with lot of information about the changes I feel.

    I can exactly see him sending me somewhere else to start that dancing playlist :-)
    And looking already for that wraparound garments for myself, I think that carrier could be something he love. We see that a lot already in Egypt (where he is from). Here in Germany the wraparounds are more common, I guess.
    Anyways thanks for that list.

  2. Emily Stone says:

    The flexible baby bag is a must, definitely a practical gift!

  3. Garrett Moss says:

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I love the baby carrier and I know my husband will love it. I will definitely buy this product as he loves to carry our child everywhere he goes after coming home every day. Dads are superheroes of every child and a play time with the superhero is what children, as well as dads, want the most. Buy a baby play mat that is large enough for both of them to play on.

  4. Sarah Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I will gift my husband a Sturdy Carrier. :D

  5. Rachel Lee says:

    Such a nice post <3
    My husband bought a Canon camera cause he wanted to save every precious moment with our daughter.
    And now we have many cute pictures and videos that bring back many feelings.