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  1. I’ve only had a newborn one time but I will say, the BEST gift any of my friends gave me did not come from my baby shower… it was providing meals for this sleep-deprived new mom. Thanks for all of the additional awesome ideas, Kelly!

  2. I remember the best gift as a new mom did not come from my baby shower. It was the gift of food and I had no idea how valuable that would be until being so sleep deprived it was hard to function. Thank you for these additional, great ideas, Kelly!

  3. I just had my son three months ago and I WISH I had these gifts. Luckily, my friend is due soon so I can shower her with these gifts. I think number one is sooo true!

  4. Great list! I also like to gift handmade things to “newborn moms”. Often I make and give useful mini diaper bags with the name of the little one on it. I know it’s more for the baby than for the mom, nevertheless the moms are always very happy since it is so unique and special.

  5. Barrier cream for mum’s hands. There is so much hand-washing with a new baby and your hands can really suffer. Having a nice barrier cream to put on at the start of the day is a really nice 30 seconds of self-care and protects your hands from drying out.

  6. LindiFritz says:

    This is a wonderful list, thanks Kelly! I have to agree that food was the absolute best gift… but a close second for me was a friend that came to do a newborn photo shoot. If you know of a mommy friend that’s also a photographer, this would be an amazing gift. I was so emotional and exhausted that first week and it meant so much to me that we could do a newborn shoot in the comfort of our own home with a photographer that’s also a mommy (so been there, done that, know how you feel!) She was so sweet and patient and even watched my baby for a bit while I slapped on some makeup for the family shoot. The pics and that whole calming experience meant the world to me. Even if the new mom doesn’t know the photographer, it helps that she’s a mom too and understands the emotions etc.

  7. For me as a new mom in the first weeks I really wanted and needed someone to help with the house chores. So many people offered to hold the baby while I did things or slept, but I wanted/needed to hold her!! Just make sure with offers to care for the baby that it’s actually what the mom wants/needs. Meals of any kind that were provided were a God-send!!

  8. Awesome ideas! I will use several for my receptionist who is expecting in 2 weeks.

  9. Wow – awesome list here! Thanks for all the ideas

  10. Best gift i ever got was one i didn’t know i needed! My second pregnancy i didn’t really have a shower but a friend of mine gifted me a postpartum hair vitamin gummy for postpartum hair shedding. It made such a big difference and was one of those gifts from someone who’s been there that only a Mom would know I would need but not be thinking about . My first pregnancy i didn’t know hair loss even happened and i had a really rough time of it. I’m not one to push products but this is such a lovely gift for a new mama and can really make her feel better when she’s vulnerable about her hair or looks. The one i got was a brand called BABY BLUES ( ) it tastes like passion fruit. super yummy. i STILL TAKE IT my kids is two and my hair is the best i’ve ever had. Coffee mugs and engraved bracelets are cute by this gift honestly was the best FOR ME personally.

  11. This article is the most thoughtfully curated list of ideas I have ever read. This is ACTUALLY helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write it. God bless!

  12. What food items did y’all appreciate most? I think of things like lasagna and meatloaf but other ideas most welcomed. A friend is having her new born in the next day or two …

  13. Good ideas-not really good unless you know their diets. My friend’s’ daughter eats very different-I would get her what I I think is healthy and it’s NOT.
    That’s my critique and yes mom wants to hold her baby while you do some chores. In this day and age, mom’s do NOT want a lot of other people and friends to hold the baby.

  14. Thanks for your interesting ideas. I’ll be a long distance grandma and, although some of your ideas are appropriate for a scenario like that, I’d love more. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go and stay locally so that I can help in all the practical ways but give them space as a new family

  15. Great post! As a new mom myself, I can definitely appreciate the creative and practical gift ideas shared here. The personalized blanket and pillow are must-haves for any new mom, and I love the idea of a breastfeeding cover for discreet feeding. Thanks for putting this list together!