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  1. Sarita Rajiv says:

    What a thoughtful card Kelly! Now that you mention it, I don’t remember seeing too many cards or gift ideas for step dads or step moms either. Love the one you created.

    1. Thank you, Sarita! I loved your painted cufflinks box you blogged about for Father’s Day. That reminds me, I meant to pin it! Heading to do that now. :-)

  2. Christine Bacas Tutor says:

    Love the card! I needed one for Keith years ago before he lovingly (and bravely!) adopted my older kids! Such a sweet story. I have a bad habit of picking the gifts for my kids’ friends. I always go for the more expensive-looking one! After all, the more swanky the gift, the more it shows you care, right? Your story made me realize that kids have an idea of what their friends would truly want because it’s what they would enjoy had it been their gift. I need to find the happy medium. (Maybe get the cheaper gift, then throw in something else so as not to look cheap!) Thanks for the touching post, Kelly!

    1. Chris, I’m so glad to hear the Father’s Day gift resonated with you. :-) And I can’t believe I was like that with Abby – what a horrible lesson for me to teach, that a gift isn’t good enough if it isn’t expensive? Oops. *blush* I’m going to join you on your quest to find the happy medium!

  3. Joss Larsen says:

    I just came across this post this morning and have to say my partner of 3 years is very much like your Ty! He chose to be with me when my son was 1 and not only has had to deal with the terrible toddler years, but still seems to come out as the shining knight. Moments like the one Ty had with Abby seem to occur on a regular basis at the moment with my 4 year old and I have to say, my man must share the magic that courses through Ty’s veins as well.
    Moments like that I could not possibly love the man more. I mean, he is not my son’s father, but yet has made the choice to be part of our life and be present for all of it. It takes a special kind of someone to step up to parenting other peoples children, as well as ensuring they don’t necessarily ‘cross the line’.
    P.S. I love the card you have created and truthfully, I loved the grown up stepdad card too that you posted :)

  4. Love this!!! Thank you so much! Printed it out for my daughter to fill out as the perfect gift for her almost step dad. Even she thought it was the perfect gift.

  5. Thank you so much for this! I have been searching everywhere for something for my son and this is PERFECT!