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  1. Kathryn Wood says:

    Thank you for these beautiful reminders. The biggest a-ha moment was Toni Morrison’s. Bringing positive emotions to the forefront of my interactions by wearing them more deliberately is pure parenting genius.

    1. What a lovely way to summarize that one, Kathryn! So glad to hear it resonated with you too. <3

  2. Donna Trucillo says:

    Thank you. My 8 year old daughter has ADHD and ODD and she has recently being diagnosed with Autism. She has many talents and at times displays more emotional intelligence than I do. I have made so many mistakes as a mother, but am trying everyday. Watching the videos has helped. Probably the most profound thing for me was to hear that I need to show compassion to myself.

  3. Debbie White says:

    These were awesome. Thank you!

  4. Nicole Ikeda says:

    Thank you for the email. These are beautiful and thoughtful videos. I pinned this page to watch more later. But if I’m being brutally honest the pin itself is a completely boring stock photo of a woman and kid. I will probably blow right past the pin and never think to click on it again. The actual images from these videos make for much more memorable pin i may remember and want to re-watch.