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  1. I love this. And it’s so true. Our kids are watching and are taking their cues about how to respond from us. It’s a sobering thought sometimes. :-)

  2. Haaa. i was at a baseball game with a boy I watch and staring at a size 0/girl who had her week old baby with her. Me..lost 22ys of the 10+lb kid. I walk every day and measure my food from gestational diabetes. I’m in my yoga pants and plain colored $6shirt. I’m 50. I sighed and thought..that’s amazing. (.her stomach sticking out of her low risers and flat as a pancake on a griddle. ). Then went back to playing with the 4yr old I brought and watching the 8yr old play baseball. Because they don’t really care what I wear or how I look. Just that I love them and we have fun . lol thanks for the article.

  3. Your post was right on the spot! A good reminder to remember they are always watching. How did I come to accept my post baby (s) body???? I look at the gorgeous kids it produced, healthy & smart, and tell myself that is worth every pooch :)

  4. Well said, Kelly. Sadly my body never did go back to its normal, pre-baby size. I did pretty well after the first pregnancy and only kept about 5 lbs, but now with the twins, it’s more than that. I went up about 1 dress size, but what I can’t stand is the actual appearance of my belly, like the extra flab and skin lol. I try not to let it get me down, though I’ve certainly seen myself in the mirror and glared at the arm fat more than once!

  5. I love this. I understand completely, the feelings of frustration AND appreciation for that post baby body. I’m due with #3 soon & need to keep in mind that my girls are always watching, always. I know I’ll have days I struggle – so thank you for the reminder! ?

  6. After a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy, my tummy looks like a 100yr old woman! I have bought myself some new shirts and realize that maybe my shirts were too tight before. My stepdaughter is 12 and I would rather her wear flowy shirts instead of tight, form fitting ones. We try to teach modesty and help her protect her body! So it has helped me realize To be good with my body and wear modest clothes accordingly so I can teach her and my younger daughters the same :)

  7. Susie (Busy Todder) says:

    Teared up reading this! So relatable – we’ve all been there. So well written!

    1. Susie, what a lovely comment, thank you! I’m glad to hear this resonated with you. :-)

  8. I got all teary reading this. You explained exactly how i feel every time i get dressed. Thank you for making me not feel so alone in those feelings. And thank you for the reminder that there is more to our lives then our baby bellies ?

    1. Amber mommy of 2 says:

      Yes! I second this comment. Struggling with this as I type. I felt so alone then found this so thank you.

  9. Everything you said made so much sense… I am 46, just had my first baby last year and have not been able to loose all those extra pounds. I work at home, a very stressfull job (tv writer where everything is due yesterday), and between this new life and my job, my three dogs and the husband, I barely have time to eat, forget excercise… and still, the pounds are there. And yes, everytime I look at my child I remid myself this is what I wanted and it is all worth it, but it takes so much courage to look into the image in the mirror and say… it´s ok, I love my body the way it is now. THank you so much for sharing and making me feel accompanied in this new road I´m walking.

  10. Kelly, I read this post so long ago – probably right around when you wrote it. I think about it all the time and just wanted to let you know that it’s stuck with me. Stuck with me long enough that I scoured your site tonight to find it just so I could schedule it. xoxo! Susie

  11. KT Aguirre says:

    I became 1st mother nowat my age 43. Our boy will be 2 years this 24th May. I’m still breastfeeding him. I’m a house mom. I feel horrible to see my belly as it still looks preggy! But also accept it as I feel it’s worth to have our boy. I used to be a Flight attendant for 11 years with Emirates. Always fit and lavish life there! It’s tough to accept the body though. Don’t like to go anywhere. My husband always says you just gave birth our beautiful boy. Just be patient and love yourself. Yes it’s amazing being a mother even though sleep deprived woman I’m now, I love myself .

  12. Hello,

    I try to find ways to remind myself of how beautiful my body is and what it created. It also gives me time to explore new types of exercises and be a good role model for my little guy.
    Not having clothes that fit can be quite annoying however. I just try to make due and find clothes that make me feel comfortable for now.

  13. I enjoyed reading this. My baby girl is now 4 months. About 2 years before I got pregnant with her I finally won my battle of 10 years over disordered eating. I really worked hard on myself and just fell in love with the body positive movement! Oh boy, being pregnant and post partum REALLY challenges me.

    BUT! I refuse to live my life any longer to please people who don’t even know me or see me. Whoever decided I should be a size 0 or 2 or whatever! As long as I am healthy and taking care of myself, I am beautiful. And you know what? I’ve seen really stunning woman who are overweight and what makes them so attractive is that they just “own it”. We should all own our bodies, buy bigger clothes and live a full life!