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  1. NewNormalAdventures says:

    I found your blog a little over a year ago while looking for last minute diy Christmas ideas (and have been a frequent reader ever since). So it seems only fitting that I searched you out for more ideas this past Christmas. Simple but awesome suggestions, again!

    On my husband’s side of the family things were starting to get expensive with new spouses being added, grandkids, etc. So a few years ago we decided the little kids would be a free-for-all and the adults would draw names for each other. We can get little gifts for others but the name we draw is who we focus the majority of our budget and thought on. It’s worked out well but this year, after watching a TV show where an extended family made gifts for each other secret Santa style, we all agreed that would be a really cool, unique thing to do.

    So in an effort to have time to prepare, we already drew names for next year and set a $30 spending cap on supplies. The only rule is it has to have some creative, diy element. I drew my brother-in-law, so I’ll be brainstorming ideas for him. I’m excited for this year to be less focused on just buying a gift and more about really putting thought and effort into a meaningful gift.

  2. I got so tired of shopping, that I came up with a brilliant idea instead of Christmas presents for the adults; we all get a hotel at the closest big city and we all stay at the same hotel and we go out and do fun Christmas activities together as a huge family. I always so i would rather have a ‘Memory’ fro Christmas than a thing. Now I only shop for the kids and all the adults are happier and the kids love being together with all the cousins swimming in the hotel pool and visiting the Christmas festivals in the city.