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  1. My girls LOVE to do anything with their Dad. He is good at explaining things to them. I recently walked into the room where the 3 of them were sitting. I still don’t know what they were looking at, but it doesn’t matter. My girls were having a blast spending time with Daddy. My 5 year old recently got to help pull weeds with my husband and she thought it was so neat. I hope she’ll always love to pull weeds, even as she gets older ;)

  2. My young son 7 and twin daughters ages 5, love to go to on picnics. Sometime we stay in a motel while mum has a night alone at home. Sometime we stay home together while mum goes off somewhere for a weekend. Sometime we just watch TV, draw inventions in the back of envelopes, anything really just to spend a few moments together. My own dad wasn’t very affectionate, but he taught me a little of his values and showed me cool and interesting stuff. Thankfully, I’m much more affectionate with my children and maybe I have a few if my own little cool stuff to share with them too. It’s all about spending time being really with them in the moment 100?

  3. This brought me in tears. My dad didn’t do any of these and he was a part of my life. It wasn’t like he had left my mom, he was there trying to provide. I guess you can say he was in the garage all the time because he was a carpenter. However, even though, I was around with him, it wasn’t the same.

    Now that I’m married and I see my husband interact with the kids. I see what I have missed out. The tickles, the odd laughs on lame jokes, reading books and changing your voices or the names of the characters to your kids names. And I sometimes wonder, how different I would have been if I grew up with the attention and love that my kids have now with their own dad.

    Would I have been this supportive. Would I love my kids to the ends of the world. Sometimes, I feel alright that I may not have gotten the love as a child. Only because I feel that it has made me more caring, and loving towards my own family and the kids I’m raising. I don’t want them to grow up not feeling love. Not learning to love someone else. And not understanding the importance of happiness.

  4. My dad took us to the library every week. It didn’t matter if it was research or just to wander through the books and pick the one that “spoke” to us. I am now a book coniseur. Everything, not just syfy or fantasy. I think it’s one of my best qualities.

  5. I have two great memories with my dad from my childhood…washing and waxing the car with him every spring and fall. And standing on his shoulders every time we’d go to a pool.

  6. I am crying while reading this my dad was never emotionally in my life, he was always in his room. He was a scary and mysterious guy; as soon as I have kids I hope to be a better father than my dad was. Although I don’t think I’ll ever stop yearning for a dad.

  7. Is it tough being a single parent?



  9. my dad was never there for 5 grade graduation